Chapter 11.4Mature

Diane's POV

I sat impatiently, wondering what was going to happen. I knew I couldn't come with Luca. And honestly I was relieved. The council sounded like a scary bunch. I still wasn't sure what to think of Francis. I my immediate instinct was to slap him when I realised who he was. Looking bad I know that was stupid, but it felt good. I left the kitchen with juice, aware it had taken me far too long to get it.

Truthfully the living room was a little stifling now. No one seemed particularly interested in friendly chatter and I was too unaware of things to interject anything of use. What I did know was Luca was in danger unless Francis co-operated. After the whole thing with William though, I'm pretty sure he'll help us. There was still one question bugging me though, and I couldn't wait for everyone to quit being brooding before asking.

“What did Luca mean when he said 'almost mad'?” I asked. I'd been asking everyone, but it was Bryan who lifted his head at the question. Penny looked up from her book. Francis raised an eyebrow in my direction but moved his attention elsewhere, smirking.

“I thought that was one of the first things you told soulmates,” he murmured. I blinked at his words, confused. Penny shut her book and smacked it suddenly across the back of his head.

“Hey!” he yelled, glaring at her and looking ready to hit her right back.

“C'mon, you need to get showered and out of those clothes. You stink,” Penny said, standing up abruptly. I'm pretty sure I shared my confusion with Francis on the sudden flip. Then his expression changed, becoming a smug grin.

“If you wanted me alone, all you had to do was ask,” he joked. Penny hit him with the book again and he muttered a curse. I started to get the feeling those two had encountered each other before. He stood up and followed her to the downstairs bathroom, muttering 'bitch' under his breath. There was another crack and he yelled. Bryan shut the door, shutting off the sounds of their fighting. She seemed to take a moment to think and I was wondering why.

“Anger is a pretty strong emotion for us. For the most part we control and channel it,” he began, struggling to pick the right words. He sat in the chair opposite me and I found myself struck by the awareness of his eyes. “But sometimes, usually in people who are still new to turning, it's goes wrong. We're good at knowing when this is happening and calming ourselves. But sometimes its not realised fast enough. When that happens a werewolf goes mad. They don't reason or think for themselves, they just … attack,” he finished with a defeated sigh. I felt my eyes widen and fisted my hands on my lap.

“That almost happened to Luca?” I asked, my voice quiet. He nodded quietly, his gaze elsewhere. “Has it ever almost happened to you?” I asked, surprising him.

“Define almost,” he replied with a grin. “It's almost happened to every young werewolf at least once. But in Luca's case it was a lot closer to the real thing. That's why Francis is in such a bad state. He was the moron provoking him,” Bryan explained. I frowned before nodding, accepting the explanation.

“Why did Francis call me a soulmate?” I asked, half-laughing. Bryan physically jumped at the question and ran a hand through his hair nervously. I'd asked it as a joke, figuring he just misunderstood why I knew everything. Bryan's reaction was putting me on edge though.

“I guess I should explain what those are,” Bryan murmured, letting out a sigh.

“Luca already explained,” I replied, surprising him. “It was when I was trying to get into the blue moon. He said only human soulmates got in.” Bryan let out a breath, fighting a laugh. Something about the smile when he shook his head was kind of cute. I blinked a the thought and shoved it away. He was Bryan. Bryan! Luca's older brother. He spent most of our childhood teasing me mercilessly.

“Why am I not surprised,” he murmured with a childish grin. It faded quickly and he went back to being serious. He looked at me again, his eyes a crazy intensity. He leaned forward, taking my hands in his. I stared down, trying to work out why. When I looked up he was closer. If I leant forward, we'd undoubtedly meet in the middle. “This is going to sound crazy and difficult to believe,” he began, chewing his lower lip. His grip on my hands tightened a little as he spoke. I tried to keep my emotions calmed as he spoke. I'd never seen him like this before. “Diane,” he said. Once again the single word was like ice down my back, shocking me in an unexpected way.

“Spit it out already,” I said, forcing a laugh. Bryan did as asked.

“You're my soulmate.” I starred at him, eyes wide. I tried to keep track of my thoughts but it was hard. Question after vague question. None of which I could ask. I pulled back my hands, standing up swiftly.

The End

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