Chapter 11.2Mature

“I'll get it,” I said, leaving the living room. I shut the door behind me, and hoped the conversation stayed civil as I opened the front door. I didn't even have a chance to blink before someone grabbed me. I felt arms wrap round me and recognised his smell instantly. William was murmuring under his breath in another language. I was so glad I closed that door.

“Glad to see you too?” I asked, trying to ignore the big part of me that was ridiculously happy right now. He pushed me away, his eyes scanning me quickly.

“I thought they might've gotten you,” He whispered, relief showing in his face. I blinked at the words.

“Who?” I asked, extremely confused right now. He hesitated, a mix of emotions passing over his face.

“Can you invite me in? I'd rather not explain everything in the open,” he said.

“Sure,” I said, “Come in.” I repeated the words I said for Francis earlier, only there was no resistance this time round. I think outside of my family and Diane, William was the only person I truly trusted. Bryan opened the living room door, wondering what was going. I knew William was a vampire, but I'd never really seen him act like one. He usually walked the same pace, showed emotions. I should've probably thought to mention Francis. There was just a blur and Francis was pinned against the wall by William. If there was a flicker of red in his eyes, I made a point of ignoring it.

“What are you and Gregory planning?” he asked, his voice ice cold. It sent shivers down my back, the far from good kind. Francis looked genuinely scared as he replied.

“I'm not planning anything. Gregory's the one who tried to kill me after mad pup,” Francis replied, forcing more bravado than any of us believed he had at the moment. Bryan blinked at his words and glanced at me.

“I almost went mad,” I admitted. Bryan's eyes widened and he looked at Francis again. Taking in his battered state in a new light. William let him go and Francis dropped to the ground, holding a shaky hand to his throat. I found it oddly amusing since vampires didn't need to breath.

“We need to get to the council now,” William said, turning to face me.

“Wait, as in all of us?” I asked. Because last I checked only council members got in there. Or people on trial.

“Just you and Francis,” William said. Francis eyes widened at that.

“Hell no. I'm letting Gregory think I'm dead. You guys deal with the treaty crap alone,” Francis yelled. William fixed him with a look that I would've never thought possible on his soft face. This was hard as nail, sharp as knives and it sent a visible shudder through Francis.

“Don't forget I am an elder Francis. Whether you want to or not is irrelevant,” William said, his voice measured and utterly void of emotion. When he turned back to me emotion bled back in, slowly. I wondered if it took him effort to do that now, it wasn't something I'd ever thought about before.

“The council thinks Francis is dead, and that your responsible,” he explained. I froze, blinking. There was too much information. Too many things turned around suddenly. I knew distantly that it made sense. I was the one who attacked Francis. Gregory tried to kill him, I should've realised the why. It was probably Gregory behind everything. And we'd been the idiots playing into his games. It had been Gregory who'd confronted me in the Starbucks, not Francis. He'd been the one responsible this whole time. I cursed myself internally for my ignorance. Francis snorted.

“So? He's the alphas kid, they won't kill him,” Francis said. The room was silent and I saw Francis hesitate. “Unless I'm missing something,” he added quietly.

“We'll have to wait for evening. Francis is too badly hurt to go out in the sun again,” Penny said, surprising everyone, including Francis. “Don't look too thankful. I'm only saying it so you don't die on the way. This is about my brother.” She stood up and stormed into the kitchen. Diane hesitated before following, giving Francis a wide berth. William pulled out his phone, to call the others I assumed.

“This is insane,” Bryan muttered.

“When isn't it?” I countered.


The End

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