Chapter ElevenMature

Chapter Eleven

“Come inside,” I muttered reluctantly. Francis smirked at it and walked inside. He shut the door behind him and threw the drapes off himself. I ignored him and walked into the living room to shut the curtains. Now that the drapes are gone I could see Penny's eyes widen at his state.

“Damn, little brother did good,” she laughed. Francis narrowed his eyes at her for it, she just shrugged. She walked into the living room with calm confidence and sat onto the sofa, letting out a sign as she sat down.

“How much longer till the others get-” the door was thrown open, signalling Bryan’s and Diane's arrival. Francis hissed at the sunlight and raced into the living room, looking far from happy as he glared at Bryan. Bryan pushed Diane away, his eyes turning yellow.

“Whoa!” I yelled, once again placing myself between Francis and one of my siblings. “Don't you read texts?” I asked.

“You said something crazy, not suicidal,” Bryan replied, his teeth gritted together., His eyes refusing to leave Francis'.

“Who are you?” Diane asked from behind Bryan, extremely confused.

“Bryan, you know I wouldn't do this unless I thought something serious was going on,” I said, crossing my arms. Bryan cut himself off, clearly wanting to tell Diane exactly who he was. I could tell he wanted to attack Francis. He didn't believe in shades of grey with vampires. He'd never had any reason too. He met my eyes, his chest moving with his breathing.

“So why the hell are we letting this guy in here?” he asked, his voice tight.

“Because a lot of things aren't adding up,” I sighed. I realised by letting Francis talk, I let everyone know I almost went mad. I had just told them we fought before.

“Maybe you should go upstairs,” Bryan suggested to Diane, but her eyes were narrowed. There was no fooling her. She pushed Bryan aside and stormed across the living room. Francis looked mildly surprised when she paused in front of him. Then she slapped him, a loud sound that rang across the room. Shit. I prepared to help her, but Francis still looked too stunned to react. Diane's chest was moving with frantic breaths. I didn't need vampire senses to know her heart was racing.

“That's for my family, jerk,” she said. She lowered her hand and walked away, not even worrying as she turned her back to him. “Now why is he here?” Diane asked. There was no judgement or side-glances my way. She trusted I had good reasoning for my actions without question.

“He wasn't actually the one who kidnapped your family, I think,” I said, surprising everyone. Francis had come back to reality and was rubbing his cheek.

“I think I'm owed an apology,” he said, cocking an eyebrow at Diane.

“You still hurt my best friend,” she replied. “If anything I owe you a stake in the heart.” He narrowed his eyes at her, but didn't move to attack. I let out a breath of relief and turned back to Bryan.

“Okay, so a vampire is claiming he didn't do something. Why are we believing him?” Bryan asked, glaring at Francis.

“Because that amount of surprise can't be acted,” I replied. “Do you know who might've really done it?” I asked, turning my attention to Francis. He hesitated, his teeth gritting together.

“Vincent is the one who wants the treaty gone,” he muttered. I had no clue who that was, but Bryan sucked in a breath.

“Isn't he the one who turned you and the others?” he asked, surprisingly civil.

“Yes. He and Gregory spend ages planning ways to break everything,” Francis shrugged. I frowned at that, something catching in my mind, but I lost it. There was a knock at the door and everyone glanced at each other. There was no one else who was meant to be here.

The End

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