Chapter 10.3Mature

William's POV cont.

“Already acquired and checked,” Vincent said. This time I failed to hide the shock. Vincent saw and sent a small smile my way. So he was just playing with me when he'd asked me that question. “Based on the footage, Francis is already dead,” he continued. Clara and June both sucked in a breath. Even if it was he was a complete tool, his death meant something to us all. Roderick didn't appear surprised.

“I already have Karen ready to get the one responsible. They won't be killed. They'll be brought here to judged. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't rough him up a bit before they get here,” Gregory explained, a cruel smile forming on his lips at the last part. I narrowed my eyes at him. Feeling unexpected panic grip me. I had to warn Luca somehow.

“Are you insinuating one of my pack did this?” Davis asked, his eyes turning to slits. If there was a hint of yellow it passed quickly. Davis had enough self-control to not shift.

“See the footage for yourself,” Vincent said. I shouldn't watch it, I'd lived it once. I didn't want to remember the crushing despair when I'd seen Luca then, when I'd realised he'd gone mad. It was the one thing that could completely destroy a werewolf. The person they had been were ripped to shreds by the force of it. I'd never expected him to respond, to return, and yet he had. The footage was grainy, but Davis drew in a breath. Everyone who knew Luca could make him out.

Francis was joking, not seeing Luca shift. Francis was too young to know the signs of a werewolf close to madness. He thought nothing of Luca's jerky movements or his tense muscles. They started fighting and I looked away, catching the moment when Francis realised what was going on. I didn't look at Davis, I wasn't sure what he was going to think. There was no sound, but I could tell by June expression what was happening. Her eyes widened, glancing at me. Was she surprised I hadn't told them anything, or that I was trying to undo it and not kill him outright? Vincent turned off the projector and turned to look at me.

“You've broken a cardinal rule William,” he said. “You should've told us what really happened when you found Luca.”

“Francis walked away from that. I had little reason to believe he was badly hurt,” I replied, jaw tense.

“And not killing a mad wolf straight away?” Vincent asked, his voice deepening with distaste. Davis had been silent up to now, probably trying to deal with his own thoughts.

“He was going mad. I saw a chance to reverse it and did so,” I threw back, standing up and leaning both palms on the table. “Seeing as he's one of Davis' sons I thought it was a good idea, to maintain peace.” It was a total lie. At this point I didn't give a damn about the treaty. I had to leave this place and find Luca. Protect him from the others.

“Yes, one of the great alphas son,” Vincent murmured, changing his attention to Davis. He looked up meeting his eyes fiercely. “Clearly you knew nothing, you looked as surprised as everyone else. Has something happened?” he asked. Davis hesitated and I knew why. If he said Luca had been kicked from the pack that was it. It fell within the laws of the treaty for Vincent to demand his death.

“He hasn't been home in a while,” Davis replied, choosing his words carefully. “In any instance, you can't hold this against him. Francis should've recognised he was close to the edge. Luca wouldn't have had any real control when he attacked him,” Davis said. It was a good case, but Vincent looked too determined now.

“A werewolf who goes mad can't be safe to keep around. Humans put down rabid dogs all the time,” he replied. Davis jaw clenched at the words. Peter was being surprisingly quiet, unsure what to say. His glanced from his brother and back to Vincent worriedly. “Now how about you tell me where he is, so I can send my people after him. Take care of this business sooner rather than later,” Vincent finished, a cruel smile forming on his face. Vincent had hated the treaty, but he refused to be the one who broke it. Right now he was watching Davis, waiting for him to make the call.

“I know where he is,” I growled, my jaw locked. Davis' eyes snapped to me, probably glaring. I'd never betray Luca though. “I'll bring him here in one piece,” I finished, standing up.

“It'll be a lot easier if you just let mine take care of this William,” Vincent said. I kept walking.

“I think I can handle it alone,” I threw over my shoulder. I had no clue what I was going to do.

The End

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