Chapter 9.3Mature

Diane's POV cont.

“Do you think they'll know if anything has happened?” I asked, standing up and pacing. I couldn't keep still when I was worried. It was a habit my mum always scolded me for.

“They might know. Whether they tell us is another matter,” he sighed, collapsing onto his bed, burying his head into his pillow. I found it kind of cute that he and Luca had some similar habits. He pushed the pillow away, sitting up to glance at me. “Do you know what he might've said or done? The way they were talking, it's like dad was the one making him leave,” he said, frowning. “My dad wouldn't do something like that,” he finished. I hesitated, it was starting to sound more and more like Luca's worst fear had actually come true. Did I have the right to tell Bryan this? What would I do if he reacted badly. I realised I'd hesitated too long and Bryan had his eyes narrowed.

“I can't,” I said, wrapping an arm around myself. Bryan stood up, closing the distance between us in a few short steps.

“Diane,” he said. I'd heard him say my name dozens of times. So why did this time feel so different? Was it because we were alone in his room? “I need to know. Even if there's a chance it's not involved,” he finished, his eyes wide and pleading. I'd always assumed Bryan's eyes were just like Luca's, but they weren't. Bryan's eyes were a darker shade, closer to the colour of moss.

“I'm worried it's exactly what caused it Bryan. Which is why I have no clue if telling you is a good idea or not,” I said honestly. He flinched at the words, as if I'd physically hit him.

“You can trust me,” he said, hurt evident in his tone. I chewed my lower lip nervously. I pulled out my phone again and tried to call Luca. I was prepared for voicemail.


Luca's POV

I refused to stay in the bed. I got up, using the wall as a way to stay upright. William was there pretty much instantly.

“I'm not trying to go to college,” I said quickly before he could start lecturing. “I just can't stay in bed all day,” I finished. Also I felt pretty gross and wanted a shower.

“Fine. Just don't collapse on me,” he said.

“Even if I did you'd catch me before I hit the floor,” I muttered. He smirked at the words and I had to suppress a blush. Not that it would really show up when I was burning up anyway.

“I'll make you some soup before I go,” he said. I stopped, glancing at him.

“You have to go?” I asked. I tried not to show how much I hated the idea. Not because I was ill. I'd been home alone before with worse. I'm not sure why it bothered me actually. I just liked having him around.

“Council meeting. Last minute one called by your father,” William explained, his tone worried. “If you want me to lie I will,” he added, his eyes locking on mine. I wondered how his eyes would look in a black and white photograph. I could imagine the shades of grey and white in my head. His eyelashes would be long and black, giving them a beautiful, hooded look.

“Don't say I went mad. Or that I'm here,” I said. “I'm pretty sure you'll get it in the neck for the second part,” I added.

“I don't know. Maybe he'll appreciate it,” he said. “I can call a hotel beforehand, get them to back up a story that I paid for you to stay the night.” I nodded, feeling a frown form.

“That would've been a lot easier for you,” I murmured.

“You're not some alpha's kid to me,” William replied, shrugging. I decided not to think on that and went into the bathroom. I was his friend, that was what he meant.

The End

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