Chapter 9.2Mature

Diane's POV cont.

“We need to find out what happened. Luca wouldn't just leave,” I said, my voice shaking a little. I put my phone in my pocket. My other hand was still gripped in Bryan's, but oddly I didn't mind that much. Right now an anchor was pretty nice.

“Can you afford to skip a day?” he asked. I hesitated. I wasn't sure about university now, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to screw up my academic record. I already had all those days in secondary school to worry about. Only Luca and my mum knew about that thankfully. And Phil, but he was gone now. He'd told me I could call him anytime, but doing that felt like I was betraying my mum.

“For Luca, sure,” I said, forcing a nod. I followed Bryan to his car, getting into the passenger side. This was odd, I was used to sitting in the back with Luca. Being stuck alone with Bryan was going to take some getting used to. He'd let go of my hand to get into the car. Once the car was started he dropped one hand from the wheel, gripping mine again. I glanced down at it, thinking I should pull away.

Then I looked at Bryan, his eyes were on the road. There was a desperate look to them. He was really worried about Luca. And after everything with Francis, I couldn't blame him. I squeezed his hand softly and watched the city roll by. I watched as it changed to residential homes then trees and farms. I knew the scenery well, having seeing it tons of times. I remembered practically growing up here with Luca and the others. I knew Lewis and Karl would be coming back for the blue moon. I hoped I'd get a chance to say hi to them. I wondered if they knew I knew.

When we pulled up we headed straight to the garage. Davis wasn't in the office though and I grew nervous. What if Luca had turned up at college and needed to talk? Maybe he just hadn't been able to come over yesterday for some reason. Yeah, some reason involving vampires probably. I tried to figure out who else there was he could've gone to and drew a blank. Luca had other friends, but he wasn't that close to them. Probably because I was the only one who knew he was gay.

“Maybe he's inside the house,” Bryan said. The kitchen was empty too. Penny was probably at college. Or maybe she was searching town, I hadn't asked. He paused before opening the living room door. I paused alongside, wondering what was going on. I didn't have the werewolf hearing like him.

“What's goi-” he covered my mouth fast. I made a sound of complaint and shoved his hand away. I held up two fingers to make my point. He just smirked. It disappeared quickly as he continued to listen. His face changed, obviously something was happening. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs just as the door opened downstairs. I hadn't been inside his room since I was eight. I half expected lego to be on the floor still as he shut the door behind us.

His head was still by the door, listening. I studied his room again. Wooden floorboards with a dark blue rug. He'd lost the dinosaur wallpaper, now his walls were just a plain white. His bed was new, a bit bigger than his old one. Made sense considering his crazy height. His desk had a laptop on it, it was still on and I slumped down, glancing at whatever he'd been doing last. I blinked at my facebook page and shot him a glance. He was still too busy listening. I shut the window and decided to ignore it. He was probably seeing if I mentioned Luca. I looked at the desk, seeing all the old things we'd scratched into it. Me and Luca's initials were there along with Penny's. His chest of drawers and wardrobe were the same. I glanced under his bed and had a feeling there were magazines under there. Probably the secret stash a girl doesn't want to know about.

“Okay, they're gone,” Bryan said. I glanced up at him, waiting for him to tell me what was going on. “I didn't catch much. Except whatever reason Luca took off, mum doesn't care. She sounded mad and upset,” he said. “Dad's gone to the council and mum's gone to work.”

The End

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