Chapter 8.3Mature

I picked clothes at random and locked myself in the bathroom again. The clothes were pretty basic, not that I minded. I wasn't exactly interested in standing out. Once I was dressed I checked the bags but he'd removed the receipts. Sneaky jerk. I walked into the kitchen where I'd heard him before and saw he was cooking.

“You're a vampire,” I stated, confused.

“And you're a werewolf, last I checked you eat,” he replied, not even looking up from what he was doing. Oh, that explained that.

“I can cook for myself,” I muttered. By cook I meant throw stuff in the microwave, but William had already done enough and I was started to feel more and more awkward about it.

“I actually like cooking. Now I just have a decent reason,” he shrugged.

“What, you cook and then throw it away?” I asked, confused. William sent me a horrified glance and it took everything in me not to laugh.

“Vampires can eat normal food. It just doesn't hold any subsistence for us ,” he explained. “And I'd suggest not looking in the bottom shelf of the fridge,” he added. I frowned, my hand twitching with urge to do just that. I thought I saw a whisper of his smirk for a split second. I shot him a look and walked over to the fridge. I heard him let out a laugh. The fridge had the basics anyone would need. I pulled out the button shelf, saw blood bags and quickly shut it. I closed the fridge and he was laughing.

“You did that on purpose,” I muttered.

“Possibly,” he admitted. “But I couldn't have you wondering about my habits,” he added, shrugging. I tried not to feel guilty about my earlier thought.

“What are you making?” I asked, leaning over the counter next to him to look at what he was doing. There was a huge wok on the cooker and various things inside.

“Stir-fry,” he replied. “Hope you like peppers,” he added, that smile playing on his lips again.

“I do,” I said, unable to help sniffing the air a little. The food definitely smelled nice at least. My stomach growled loudly and I felt my cheeks flush. William just chuckled softly while I groaned in embarrassment.

“Good thing I picked something that's quick to cook,” he said. A few minutes later and it was ready. William had one of those modern kitchen, with counters and stools. All the counters were marble top with black cupboards and steel handles. It was a complete contrast to the homey feel of our kitchen. He plonked a bowl of food in front of me and sat down with his own. I tried a little bit, unsure what to expect. I guess I shouldn't be surprised a vampire knows how to cook, but I was anyway.

“Glad you like it,” he murmured. I hadn't realised I'd made noise and felt my cheeks flush. I murmured a yeah and went back to eating. I was finished within moments. I was wondering how one earth I was supposed to say I was still hungry, when William took my bowel without asking and refilled it.

“Thanks,” I said. My cheeks were doing a lot of turning red. Surely the body reached a point where it couldn't do that anymore. Once I was finished I was definitely full. Without really thinking about it we were cleaning the dishes between us. I was doing the washing and he did the drying. It didn't feel that different from back home really. Except it was William's house and I was doing this with him. I was starting to realise the implications of staying here, even for one night. It was growing increasingly more and more difficult to ignore him. Maybe it was because we were in his flat, but he seemed more relaxed and at ease here. Every emotion passing over his face easily. The know-it-all smile was still there, but intermixed with the genuine one.

“Want to watch a movie?” he asked as he was putting away the last of the dishes. I couldn't help it, I blushed, again. I remembered when I'd asked him that question and the heated moments that had followed.

The End

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