Chapter 8.2Mature

“The blue moon's soon.” I pushed back a gulp and let out a slow breath. I guess the blue moon shouldn't concern me anymore. It wasn't like I could be there to celebrate it with everyone now. Maybe I could track down Kathleen and we could do our own lone wolf thing. Ugh, I hated just thinking of myself that way. I couldn't be a lone wolf, I was too used to my family. To the pack life, and all the mischief and craziness that came with it.

“I know,” I finally said. He wouldn't have missed my long silence. And with the phone line open and us talking, I could feel it coming to sluggish life. It wouldn't take many more minutes for him to pick up I was distressed.

“You could sound more worried. Last I checked neither of us want our families finding out,” Riley huffed. Once again the urge to hang up rose. Once again I quelled it.

“Just one of us worrying about that,” I said. “I told my dad.” I moved the phone away as Riley swore loudly. For about five minutes.

“Are you insane? Don't answer that. We already established you almost went mad,” he half-yelled. “We just had someone here try to come out and it did not end well for her,” he continued.

“I'm aware. She tried asking dad if she could join our pack,” I said.

“She hasn't, has she? Because my dad'll go nuts if she has,” Riley panicked.

“Dad's allowing her to stay in the area as a lone,” I said. I heard Riley let out a breath of relief, wondering when he was going to ask about me. I had a feeling he was hesitating for good reason.

“What did you dad say?” he asked, his voice a lot quieter than usual. I realised it wasn't just me he was thinking about now. He was wondering about himself, and all the possible implications.

“The same thing he said to Kathleen, more or less.”

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“Understatement. Can I hang up now?” I asked.

“Err, sure,” he said. I didn't wait for his bye and ended the call. I could feel my hands shaking a little and I wrung them out to ease it. Even if it was just his voice, it was enough to spark it to life. But Riley had been pretty clear on what he wanted – and it wasn't me. Soulmate or not. At least I didn't feel as cold anymore. I frowned at the time, wondering where William was. I guess even vampires had to wait in long queues for shopping. Plus he probably had to guess my size since he hadn't asked.

Unless he was also hunting … I mean it's not like I ever asked him if he did or didn't. I gulped and decided not to think about it. Eventually I got tired of waiting and raided his chest of drawers. There was little point borrowing any jeans, his legs were definitely longer than mine. A long shirt would have to do. I threw it on the bed and went into the bathroom. The water felt painfully hot against my skin and I clenched my teeth against it. Eventually my skin stopped complaining, relaxing against the heat. I leant my back against the tiles as the water fell, wondering what I was going to do.

Diane had been joking about staying together, but that was definitely my better option. Plus if Bryan was still talking to me, he had a good excuse to see her a lot. I sneezed again and groaned. The last thing I needed on top of everything was being ill. I heard the door opening and felt a little tension ease. I finished washing and left the shower. My skin already missing the warmth as I grabbed a towel and dried. I wasn't sure what William had gone so I wrapped the towel round myself and poked a head out. There were bags dumped outside the bathroom and my eyes widened.

“How much?” I asked, raising my voice since I had no clue where he was in the flat.

“I figured you would've forgotten something you needed,” William replied, from the kitchen I think.

“I'm not that stupid,” I muttered. Though I couldn't actually remember what I'd packed, I hadn't exactly been thinking straight at the time. I thought I heard William chuckle at my words and ignored it.

The End

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