Chapter 7.3Mature

I was pretty sure vampires could hide if they wanted. Still fighting the burning in my eyes I got off near the club and walked straight in. I wasn't dressed for the club, wearing jeans, shirt and a hoodie, but I didn't care. I didn't know how I was going to explain this to Diane. I hadn't even spotted her when Francis spoke.

“Look who it is, our favourite little pup,” he said. I shot him a glare and his lips formed a small 'o'. “My, my. Someone's pissed,” he laughed. “Want to punch it out?” he suggested. “I'll even hold back a little if you want. Though I can't guarantee no biting,” he continued. His voice was starting to grate on my last nerve. I was sick and tired of his taunting.

“Maybe I'd believe the crap you say, except it wouldn't be the first you changed the rules last minute. You don't even know how to do a fair fight,” I spat. Francis starred at me, apparently he hadn't expected that response.

“Aww, are you still pissed about last time?” he asked. “Karen and Greg aren't here. So this time around it really would just be you and me,” he added, waggling his eyebrows.

“Fuck you,” I muttered, shoving past him. Bad move. He flung me round, pressing me against the wall.

“You need to learn to play nice,” he murmured, his breath far to close to the back of my neck.

“Let me go,” I said, wondering if anyone had noticed yet. Probably not. Vampires could conceal themselves in the shadows, and Francis had positioned us so his body was covering mine. I needed to get to my phone. I could text Bryan. Unless dad had already told him. Would he really help me if he knew? Or William. William would help. Then again this would be the third time I'd gotten myself here. Maybe he'd tell me to deal with it myself. I tried to figure out if anything up until now had broken the arrangement. What Francis was doing had to be. Except he wasn't hurting me, just holding me in place.

“All that fight gone already? You are no fun,” Francis murmured. He let go, stepping back and I spun away from the wall fast, rubbing my wrists. “You don't have any guts at all do you? Be careful. I hear some alphas lose their patience with cowards,” Francis muttered. I clenched my hands into fists. If he'd said that any other day, it probably wouldn't have phased me. But the memory of dad's words were too fresh. His harsh voice ringing in my head as he kicked me out.

“You wouldn't be strong enough to take me one on one,” I growled. I knew in the back of my mind something was wrong. I was too angry, too wound-up. But I didn't care. I was tired of following the rules when all they did was leave me thrown onto the streets.

“Try me pup,” he replied, smug grin in place. I didn't reply, I just shoved through the club, bag still over my shoulder. I went into the back alley and dropped my stuff onto the concrete. I knew Francis had followed me. I could hear him clear his throat for more word sparring, but I wasn't interesting in that. I shifted and felt the rage burning my veins instantly. Francis eyes widened.

“You're really that set on getting killed?” he asked. “Fine by-” He didn't finish the sentence as I literally barrelled into him. He let out a shocked sound and rolled me off him.

“Shit,” he muttered, eyes widening slightly as if he'd realised something. He moved away, wiping blood from his cheek. I didn't remember hurting him but I was glad about it. “How about a raincheck?” he asked, giving a nervous laugh and gesturing to the rain. I just growled, flexing my claws on the concrete. He must've seen my muscles tense to jump because he dodged at the last moment, his eyes still wide.

I wondered distantly why he was panicking so much. He'd never been worried during our previous fights. I ran at him, digging my teeth into his shoulder like last time. Except his attempts to punch me away didn't reach. I felt the pain in a distant kind of way. But it no longer mattered. I was too angry. I lifted my front paws and shoved him back. He got away, trying to avoid and dodge. I wondered why I'd ever thought fighting him was difficult as I easily overpowered and hurt him.

The End

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