Chapter 7.2Mature

“She tried to tell her father the truth,” he shrugged. I raised an eyebrow, because he'd have a be lot more specific than that.

“Trav's the least receptive to certain people. He found out and told her to leave. He wouldn't allow someone gay to be in his pack,” dad finished, rubbing a tired hand over his eyes. I couldn't help starting a little. This was the first I'd ever heard of someone coming out. I suddenly wanted to find her and answer her earlier question. Tell her I'd never judge her.

“Didn't her dad try to stop him?” I asked.

“I don't know. Kathleen didn't go into detail about the memory,” dad said. “Maybe she will decide it's easier to be a lone wolf. It's the norm for people like that in our society,” dad added.

“It is?” I asked. Clearly there was a lot of stuff that happened in the packs I'd never known about. I couldn't imagine doing that, becoming a lone wolf and forgetting about family. Was that going to happen? Now was as good as any time if I was going to tell dad the truth.

“Prejudice is a hard thing to overcome,” he shrugged. I didn't know what to say to that. Which meant I should probably just leave. But if I did that I might never be able to bring it up again. Except now I couldn't help being scared. Would dad do something that extreme?

“Why the sudden interest?” dad asked, standing up and walking over to the cabinet. The one where he kept his not-so-secret stash of alcohol. Karl had found it when he was fourteen. I hesitated, looking at the peeling brown wallpaper of the office. I'd imagined telling so many times, even had a speech in my head. It turned out in real life I didn't have the logic to remember a speech.

“I'm gay,” I said. My throat felt dry after I said the words. I could feel my hands shaking on my lap. I was waiting for a response, but I wasn't hearing one. Had I not actually said it? Or maybe I'd been too quiet. I didn't want to look away from the wall. Didn't want to see his face.

“Is it a phase?” dad asked, his voice hoarse. “There's no point getting worked up if it's just-”

“Four year long phase so far,” I interrupted, turning to look at him. His emotion was impossible to gauge though. He wasn't my dad right now I realised, he was my alpha. And the alpha had to think about what was best for the pack, not the individuals. Had I just made a huge mistake?

“The blue moon's soon,” he said, his voice controlled. He wasn't meeting my eyes now, which didn't help the knot forming in my stomach. “Maybe it's best you go stay at Diane's for a while,” he finished. My eyes widened, my breathing growing unsteady. Was he doing to me what had happened Kathleen?

“Dad, You can't-” I began. I realised my voice sounded as desperate as Kathleen's had.

“Luca,” he cut me off, his voice turning stern. “Just pack a bag and go,” he said. “No arguments.” He wouldn't meet my gaze, his words final. I stood up, my legs shaking a little under me. I left, trying to figure out what to do. My worst nightmare had been this. But I never thought my worst nightmare would actually come true. As I walked inside and to my room I fought a burning behind my eyes. I grabbed a bag and shoved clothes in at random, not really sure what to do. I grabbed my toiletries and laptop case as well. I starred around my room, wondering what was going to happen to the rest of my stuff. Would dad pack it up and have it moved for me?

I choked on a sob and sat on my bed, trying to sort through my painful thoughts. Dad probably hadn't thought about it. He'd just wanted me gone. I closed the bag and hefted it over my shoulder. I walked back downstairs and walked out the front door. At least no one was here to ask why. I wondered what dad would tell them. Would it be the truth, or would he lie and say I'd decided to leave? I didn't know. Should I even care anymore? I pulled out my phone to text Diane, asking where she was. I got on the bus, riding straight to the city centre. The response somehow didn't surprise me.

The club. Don't worry, the V's aren't here.

The End

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