Chapter SevenMature

Chapter Seven

I raced from the bus stop to the house, shaking rain out of my hair the moment I got in. I glanced around the house and realised no one else was around. I knew Penny had some dance thing and mum had a meeting. Maybe Bryan was still with Diane. I hoped so, it'd be good for them both. I ran upstairs to get out of my wet clothes. Once I'd done that I considered killing time with the PS3 or computer. I glanced out my window and saw the garage lights were on. That was where we kept all the cars, plus dad's office. Guess I wasn't that home alone. I stared down there, wondering how long it had been since I'd have a chance to really speak to him alone. Privacy didn't exist in a pack. I walked downstairs and ran through the rain to the door. The moment I walked in I shivered. It was meant to be summer soon, but that rain was freezing. I walked through the main garage area of cars and headed towards dad office. The sound of voices stopped me.

“-know this is a difficult request. But I can't go back home. Please,” a female voice pleaded. I thought I recognised it, but couldn't remember from which pack. Definitely not someone from here. I heard dad let out a breath, the kind that meant no.

“I'm sorry Kathleen. But if I accept you, then Trav could think I don't respect his decisions,” Davis replied. Kathleen, now I remembered. She was a few years older me. She'd always been pretty quiet. I wondered what could've happened for her to be out the pack.

“But sir!” she pleaded, her voice turning desperate. “I already tried Harris and Angela’s packs. Neither will accept me. I don't want to move too far from my family, in case they change their minds,” she continued. Harris and Angela were the alphas for Ely and Huntingdon respectively. From the sounds of it she'd probably gone to others as well that were closer to Peterborough.

“I'm sorry,” Davis said again. I could hear his chair shift and knew he'd have leant back. Maybe he even looked defeated. Dad was always the type to make the hard decisions. I always assumed he did it well. But what could she have done that meant she was excluded from so many packs? “I can't accept you into the pack. But you have my permission to stay in our area as a lone wolf. That's the best I can offer,” he finished. She sniffed at the response. I wanted to walk into the room, demand what was going on.

“That's the best offer I've gotten so far,” she finally said. “Thank you.” I heard chairs scraping, and realised I had no way to hide the fact I'd been listening in. The door was pulled open and Kathleen was the first to walk out. Her eyes widened at the sight of me, her cheeks flushing. Then her eyes turned angry.

“You're going to judge me as well?” she asked, her voice harsh. I blinked, completely thrown by her voice. Kathleen had always been kind to others. This was an entirely different person.

“Luca,” Davis said. “What do you want?” he asked. Kathleen glanced between us, realising Davis had just dismissed her. She turned and left quickly. I wondered if she had a place to go.

“Why couldn't she join the pack?” I asked, starring at the closed door. Dad didn't reply and I glanced at him. His expression was a mix of sympathy and determination.

“The blue moon's approaching. Once that's passed I can change my mind. We only just got permission from the vampires to do this. If chaos breaks out among the different packs we'll just be giving them the fuel they need to break or alter the treaty further,” dad explained, his voice tired. I could see the bags under his eyes as well. If she were from any other pack but Trav's, dad probably wouldn't care. When the idea to create a treaty first formed none of the alphas were willing to walk into the vampires den to create it. My dad was the only one who volunteered to do it. As such he's become an unofficial speaker for all the packs. Travis didn't mind when it meant he didn't have to bother with vampires. But Travis was a arrogant alpha, he didn't like to think there was another alpha more important than him. If Davis went against him, arguments were bound to occur.

“What did she do that was so bad?” I asked, walking into his office and slumping into the chair opposite his desk. It was still warm from Kathleen.

The End

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