Chapter 6.5Mature

Williams' POV cont.

“If we are so worried about the werewolves, why not get others to come here from elsewhere?” I suggested. There was a flash of clear hatred across Peter's face. Davis maintained his quiet demeanour though. Not even his heart rate increased much. The thick double doors to the room opened and June walked in, her dark eyes looking determined as she sat next to Peter. He shifted quickly so he was angled away from her, clearly unsure what to do in the new situation.

“Sorry I'm late,” she said, leaning back in her chair and letting out a breath. “You'd think travel would've improved by now,” she added, reaching into her pocket to grab and cigarette and lighter. She drew in the toxic air and sighed her relief. I couldn't help smiling at her.

“Right,” she said. “What's the issue today? And if I hear Francis' name again, I will personally put a shotgun to his head,” she finished. June was the youngest of us. While Clara stuck to ball gowns, June was more comfortable wearing a power suit and high heels.

“The werewolves want to hold the blue moon celebrations in the forests,” Vincent explained quietly, his voice gravelly and cold.

“Wow, sounds like a good time,” June said, both brows shooting up. “Maybe some of us can come along for the beers. Been a while since we've had a good party,” she joked, laughing easily. Peter's face had paled at the idea. Davis seemed set on not saying anything, covering his mouth with one hand.

“Take this more seriously please,” Roderick muttered. June laughter cut off and she met his pale eyes with hers.

“Someone's got to make jokes around here Rod. It certainly isn't going to be you or Vinny,” June replied, her tone as serious as it got. “How about we just vote already?” she suggested.

“I don't think-” Vincent began.

“Good idea,” Clara cut him off. “I have better things to do than worry about what the mutts do. They won't risk a fight, not with their children and humans around as well,” she said, shrugging. “I'm fine with it happening.” Vincent scoffed at her, not bothering to voice his vote. We all knew he was against.

“I've never seen anything wrong with a little fun,” June smirked. “It's fine by me.”

“It's a stupid idea, I vote against,” Roderick said. Vincent gave a small nod of agreement. All eyes moved to me now. Luca's text message came back to the surface. My job really did suck. Especially when nine times out of ten, I was the tie-breaker.

“I vote for the blue moon,” I said. “But perhaps some rules so others feel more secure,” I added. June groaned and I felt my lips quirk. “Nothing extensive. Just make sure that those not local to the area don't wander too far from the forest. No one should go out alone either, on both sides. There's less chance of fights breaking out that way.” Davis hesitated, considering my words. No one else had spoken, so none of the others objected to the ideas.

“Very well,” Davis said. Roderick stood up first and left, not even saying a word of goodbye. Eventually everyone left. There was little point in exchanging words. We'd probably be back here within a few days. No doubt Vincent would think up new ways to object to the blue moon.

“Finally,” June said. “Why do you have to be responsible and add things?” she said, linking her arm through mine as we headed outside. I smirked at the words.

“Because I want this treaty to work,” I answered honestly.

“Of course, we all do,” June said, not even bothering to hide her sarcasm. “Sure it isn't because of the pup you've saved twice now?” she added.

“I'm not sure what you're enquiring there ma'am,” I replied.

“Bore,” she laughed. She broke away, pulling her phone from her pocket and waving a bye. The rain outside was still going so I walked to my car quickly. Once I was inside I wasn't sure what to do. I could text Luca back to see what he wanted to talk about. Or I could just go visit him. I had the invite and could easily sneak through his bedroom window. Though that would lead to far too much temptation. You'd think after seven-hundred plus years I'd have more self-control.

The End

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