Chapter 6.2Mature

“We're just friends. Though my dad wouldn't approve,” I said.

“Pfft. Your dad apparently approves of nothing. I still say you should-” she paused mid-speech. “Wait. Do you guys have issues with that sort of thing? Is that why you've never told them?” she asked.

“Wow, you just keep asking the big questions,” I muttered. She sent me an apologetic look, but waited for me to answer all the same. “It's complicated. We create our packs by having big families. So being gay kind of seems useless to the pack life. I've never heard stories of people coming out,” I explained.

“Ah,” she said, her tone matching perfectly how I felt. After that we didn't talk, falling into comfortable silence as we tried to work. The bell went and Diane rushed off to her next class. Leaving me to contend with a free period. I went into the library first, scanning the shelves impatiently. Eventually I found what I was looking for. I went to the cafeteria and grabbed a hot chocolate and tried to kill time with reading. It had been a while since I'd read anything other than a textbook or manga, but it was one William had recommended. I'd been expecting one of the classics, but it was a modern book. I was still reading the first few pages when my phone vibrated with a text. I couldn't help a small smile when I saw it was from William.

How is your friend?

I sent a reply quickly.

She's fine. Left me alone to go to her second class.

Is that a subtle way of asking for company?

I laughed at his reply and tried to think of how to respond. We were just friends now, so it wasn't like he'd mind either way. Someone else sat down next to me before I could think up a way of replying.

“Text flirting?” Bryan joked. I hid my phone fast. If he saw William's name I had no way to explain it.

“Hanging out at a college you no longer attend?” I threw back.

“I have reasons,” he shrugged. I lifted an eyebrow, knowing exactly what he was going to say next. “Where's Diane?”

“In class,” I replied quickly. He muttered a curse, making me laugh. “You should've let me know you were coming in. I could've told you she has a free period in an hour,” I said.

“Damn, guess that means I'm stuck talking to you for a while then,” he sighed, leaning back in his chair. I made an offended sound at his words and picked my book back up. He leant forward on the table, frowning at the front while I was reading.

“You're not turning into Lewis are you?” he asked. I rolled my eyes at the comment. Lewis may have been Penny's twin, but they were complete opposite as far as personality went. Penny liked guys, clothes and dance. Lewis liked A*'s, physics and reading.

“Are they coming down soon for the blue moon?” I asked. Bryan nodded.

“Next week. Plus Uncle Peter's family. The whole pack will be here under one roof,” Bryan explained.

“Can't wait,” I said, not attempting to cover the sarcasm. Bryan laughed, shaking his head.

“It isn't that bad. Not compared to when the other packs start turning up,” Bryan said. I didn't disagree. I gave up on the book and put it away. At least what I'd read so far had seemed good. The cafeteria doors opened and two very familiar guys walked in. I didn't see them much nowadays. Sixth form college was a lot bigger than secondary school. Bryan spotted them too and was immediately on edge.

The End

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