Chapter SixMature

Chapter Six

I expected the whole thing to be awkward, but instead it just felt … natural. I knew if any of the pack found out I'd befriended a vampire, they'd judge me severely. But William really was different. I began to wonder how he'd become what he was, then decided against asking. Going back to college felt like a cruel reminder that I still had my normal life, the one where I was hiding everything. I sat down in photography, wondering why I suddenly felt so annoyed by it all. I used to be content with just Diane knowing.

“Wha'cha thinking about?” Diane asked the moment she walked in and grabbed the seat next to me. I hesitated. I knew if I asked her to keep a secret, she would. Even so, I wasn't entirely sure how much to tell her about the whole William thing.

“Too much,” I finally sighed, rubbing my eyes tiredly. She frowned, sensing this was no-joke territory. “How are you?” I asked, diverting the topic.

“Adjusting,” she shrugged. “At least their erased their memories of the whole thing. Even so, mum didn't argue when I told them to go stay with my aunt.”

“Are you going with them?” I asked, keeping my voice careful.

“I haven't decided yet. I mean, we're not moving, it'd just be an random vacation. But I still have my coursework to work on. And it's not like I haven't been home alone before,” she rambled.

“You've never been home alone with potential danger though,” I countered. While part of me hated the idea of her leaving, I was a lot more interested in her well-being.

“I'm a big girl. I know not to invite strangers in,” she replied, rolling her eyes at me.

“Your mum already invited them in. They don't need a second invite after that,” I explained. Diane's face paled instantly and she gulped.

“Oh,” she said. “Want to move in?” she asked sheepishly.

“I'd love too,” I replied. “But its the blue moon soon and I have to stay at the house for that.”

“Woah, that sounds cool,” she murmured. Her eyes brightened with an idea I just knew I wouldn't like. “How about I stay with you then. I mean I already know. And what better way is there to protect me than a houseful of werewolves?” she said. I glanced round franticly, making sure no one had overheard her. Thankfully they were too wrapped up in their work or phones.

“How about we avoid using the V and W words,” I said. She made a small 'o', realising her mistake. “And the only humans who can be around for things like that are …” I hesitated.

“Are who?” she asked, her voice growing excited. I couldn't explain this to her. Bryan had too, he was the one who felt the connection afterall. Maybe if I just explained the concept.

“Soulmates,” I said. She blinked at the word.

“As in the imprinting thing in twilight?” she asked. I sent her a deadpan look for the comparison and she laughed. “This explains a lot of our conversations by the way,” she added, fighting a grin.

“There's usually only a few years age difference with soulmates. It's all pretty random. Usually it's with others like us, but there are humans ones as well. The idea is whoever your linked too is perfect for you, somehow,” I shrugged.

“Well damn,” she muttered. “Kind of romantic. Having someone you're pre-destined to be with,” she murmured dreamily. I snorted and she cocked an eyebrow at that and I let out another sigh. I wasn't about to inspire a lot of confidence in the soulmate idea.

“You remember meeting Riley,” I murmured, feeling an involuntary shudder at mentioning his name. I could feel memories try to rise to the surface and I shoved them away. Diane's eyes widened, her mouth moving to form a question, I cut her off.

“Look, the point is, only humans who are soulmates get in,” I shrugged.

“Then maybe I should meet more of you guys,” she chuckled.

“You're impossible,” I declared, shaking my head against a laugh.

“Did anything happen between you and tall, dark and handsome?” she asked, joking. I gulped, pushing away a much more recent memory.

The End

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