Chapter 5.3Mature

When morning came I was scared to go downstairs. What would I do if William was still there? I had self-control, but did he? Based on last night, nowhere near as much as I'd thought. I pulled on fresh clothes and ran a comb through my messy hair. I needed to cut it soon. I glanced around my room and saw that the cabinet doors were still open. I bent down and closed them, instantly remembering what had happened. Even after all my mental efforts – I couldn't keep William out of my head. I stood up quickly, pushing back a blush. That moment when his body was over mine, his lips against my own.

“Get a grip,” I muttered to myself. I left my room, hoping my cheeks weren't flushed. If William was down there I'd ignore him. It's not like anyone but him was going to think it odd. I wouldn't feel guilty. He stopped last night. He'd turned and left before- before what? We went all the way? We both did something we would regret? I couldn't be mad at him for that. No matter how much his rejection stung. It turned out my panic had been for nothing as I walked into the kitchen. Bryan was leant against the counter, looking half-asleep with a cup of coffee. None of the girls were anyway to be seen, which meant they'd probably taken off for some shopping. I wasn't about to complain about Naomi's absence. Mark was sat at the table, deep in his own thoughts.

“Where's Diane?” I asked. The fact I had managed to use her name rather than William's spoke volumes of my willpower.

“Back home. The vamps kept their end of the deal,” Bryan said tiredly, rubbing at his eyes. That explained why William was gone. “Dad's still there, trying to push for Francis to get some kind of punishment,” he added. “Plus they have to get their agreement now for the blue moon.” I decided not to give my opinion on that matter. Even if part of me wished it wouldn't happen – It would.

“How was that vamps company? I'm guessing since you kicked him out, it wasn't too great,” Bryan said, I froze at the question. Of course, William had used our fight as a reason for leaving.

“I'd rather not talk about it,” I replied, hoping they wouldn't see the real reason. I really did not want to discuss him though. Even if we had stopped, we'd broken one hell of a taboo. I shuddered to think what dad would do if he found out.

“I'm heading into town, need some fresh air,” I said, heading towards the door. Thankfully Bryan seemed content to drop the William subject.

“Need a lift?” Mark asked, surprising me.

“Er, sure,” I said. Unlike Naomi, Mark wasn't a carbon copy of uncle Peter. He had his own opinions and seemed to be in favour of the treaty. He grabbed his keys from the counter and we got into his truck, which was older than me, but still in perfect working condition thanks to Mark and uncle Peter's handiwork.

“So, you planning on going to university like Lewis and Karl?” he asked as we drove along the country lane and onto the main road that led into the city. Lewis was in his first year – unlike Penny who hadn't passed enough A-levels to get in. She was trying to take them again this year, opting to concentrate on subjects she was already good at rather than the ones dad had preferred her to do. Dad didn't mind though. As long as none of us became invalids who did nothing, he was happy. Karl was in his third year.

“I haven't decided yet,” I admitted. I knew going would be brilliant. I'd be away from the pack and wouldn't have to hide. But even I knew I'd have to go home eventually. I would have to tell them everything one day. It was inevitable.

“Well, if you don't go, there's plenty of work. There's the garage, or Trav's restaurant,” Mark said. I nodded, already knowing this. Packs tended to own businesses, it was easy since we always had such big families. Travis was the alpha of the pack in Peterborough. His was one of the packs I wasn't looking forward to seeing during the blue moon. Uncle Peter didn't hide his opinions. But Trav's family openly discussed their close-mindedness.

“What about you?” I asked. I hadn't even considered my wording, meaning general plans. Mark was probably used to the question meaning Sophia.

“I get by,” he said, his voice sober as he concentrated on the road. I should've been more specific as I felt a flash of guilt. The last he needed was any kind of reminder. There was pain in his expression. I wasn't sure what to say as he sat there silently. Giving the road way too much attention. Naomi lost a brother to vampires. Mark lost a brother and his soulmate. The fact he chose to keep going and not fade away was about the bravest thing any of us had seen. Usually when one soulmate dies, the other follows. Its wound into us to be connected. Mark would've felt everything Sophia had felt until she had died. I wouldn't attempt to imagine how horrible that was.

The End

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