Chapter 5.2Mature

William looked back up, his eyes meeting mine. He leaned closer, lifting a hand and brushing fingers over my cheek. His thumb moved, resting over my lips. Holy crap. I knew I should back away. Knew I should stop it. But Diane had been right, he really was hot. Not to mention he'd pretty much blew apart all my preconceptions of vampires. He hand dropped and I thought for a second he'd changed his mind. Then he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

He kissed me with bruising force and I kissed back. I could hear my own blood thumping in my eardrums. Every nerve ending firing rapidly at the slightest touch. All I could think about was the way he tasted. The way his body pushed against mine as the kiss grew more intense. He pulled me back and rolled us onto the floor, breaking the kiss. He head hovered above mine, his eyes shining with an inner light I'd never seen. His breathing sounded as laboured as mine, although we both knew he didn't need to breath.

He kissed me again, more slowly this time. I wrapped my arms round his neck. It's a good thing my room was on the other side of the house - because there was no way I could stop myself moaning against his lips. He pulled away abruptly, pushing himself away and towards the door. I echoed his movements, pushing myself back against my bed and trying hard to control my breathing.

“Bad idea,” I whispered, echoing his earlier words. I tried with a lot of difficulty to wrap my head around what just happened. My ability to think had definitely been stunted by that kiss. He nodded, his own eyes swimming with thought.

“I'll go downstairs,” William said, standing up, his voice a little hoarse. He gulped it away and opened my door. “Won't take much to convince your brother we had an argument,” he added. We kind of had, hadn't we? Then he had kissed me. I had kissed him back. He was a vampire. I was a werewolf. How many rules had we just broken?

“It's probably best we don't see each other again,” he said before closing the door. I stared at my door for a few seconds as his words sunk in. Never seeing each other again. That made sense. So why did the idea sound stupid to me?

“You barely know him,” I muttered to myself angrily. Even as I said the words I choked a little on them. I felt my eyes sting a little and wiped at them quickly. I let out an annoyed breath at myself. This wasn't like me at all. He's a vampire. I kept repeating that in my head as I stood up and showered. I felt the remains of his touch on my skin fade, but the memory was still there. The way his lips had been a wonderful pressure on mine-

“Shit!” I yelled, hearing the word echo around the tiles. I cranked the shower water to freezing and let that shock some sense into me. Once I was too cold to think about anything I got out. I changed and crawled into bed, refusing to contemplate William. If I did my thoughts would just spiral. Afterall, this wasn't exactly the first time someone had kissed me and walked away like it was nothing. I had bigger concerns now. In a few months the blue moon would be here. And every other werewolf pack in the region because of it.

The End

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