Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five

I tried not to feel self-conscious as William followed me up the stairs and through the narrow corridor and past various doors. The corridor opened up after that, with railing where you could see down into the living room. My door was right at the end of the corridor. I felt the self-consciousness go up a few notches when I opened my door and we walked in. There were some books and DVDs strewn across surfaces, but otherwise my room was fairly neat.

“Any clue how long your going to be here?” I asked, still standing nervously near the door.

“Nope,” he replied, walking in and scanning the room quickly. “They'll call me when it's done.” I nodded and shut the door.

“What are you going to do?” I asked. I knew the rules of the treaty, but that didn't mean they'd follow them.

“Rescue the girls family,” William said. “That's what you want, right?” I blinked at the question, realising he was being evasive.

“And what about Francis?” I asked. He hesitated, his gaze flicking away and out the window.

“He pleaded his case. The council decided to give him a second chance,” William began. I felt my muscle tense up at the words and narrowed my eyes. “Provided he doesn't attack you and yours unprovoked, he stays alive. We made that point very clear to him,” he finished.

“So, you're just letting him go?” I asked, not even bothering to hide my disgust.

“The council is,” William replied. “I got overruled.” I blinked, surprised. He snorted at my expression and turned away, sitting on the bed. He let out a tired sigh, his face far away. I chewed my lower lip nervously. Once again I'd gone and screwed up, assumed he was something he wasn't. I couldn't help studying his face as he starred out the window. He still hadn't told me how old he was, but he looked like someone who had probably had high standing. The lines of his face were elegant and he had long lashes that hooded his pale blue eyes. I'd never seen someone look so detached. And yet, I had a feeling he was sad. Probably my fault. Or maybe I was giving myself too much credit. He has no reason to care about what I think.

“Want to watch a movie?” I asked. He glanced at me, frowning. Apparently he'd never expected that question. “We have to pass the time,” I shrugged. He nodded, a whisper of his smile returning.

“Sure. Though unless you have all the classics I doubt I'll like it,” he replied.

“If you mean do I have any black and white films, that's a no,” I said, sitting cross-legged by the TV cabinet to shuffle through the cases. He made a tutting sound. I continued glancing through the DVDs, trying to figure out what kind made sense. He was going to judge me no matter what I put on, I knew that. I paused in my actions as I felt breath brush the back of my neck. I glanced over my shoulder and there was William. Right there. Kissing distance from my face. He wasn't looking at me though, he was looking over my shoulder at the films I had. Right, movie. There was no way he didn't hear my heart right now. Maybe he didn't react because he was used to it. He was hot enough to get attention from lots of people.

“You're making this too easy,” he murmured. I glanced back and realised he was looking at me now, and the distance hadn't grown any longer. I'd never seen that kind of expression before, and I didn't know what to make of it.

“What?” I blurted, aware I was starting to blush.

“This is a bad idea,” he whispered to himself, stifling a short laugh and looking down. Wait, that look. Had it been? Did he … did he want me? I couldn't decide how to react to the idea. I'd never thought of myself as being the sort of person someone could want - but it was definitely a bad idea.

The End

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