Chapter 4.4Mature

“If we go after them directly, we'll breech the treaty. Something they've already done. But the council are happy to separate themselves from them, and let them be killed. That's the only available action to protect the treaty. If we now go after them before the details have been worked out and the vampire council have gone after then, then we risk imposing the same rules on us,” I explained.

“So, go after bad guys and you'll have to die to keep the treaty-thing going?” she clarified. I nodded and she whooshed out a breath. “Why can't it be simple,” she murmured. She frowned, deep in thought and my gaze wondered to the forest. I wanted to go back to this morning when I'd just been running, no worries to bother me. Except thoughts of Will. He was probably in that room as well, debating the fate of Diane's parents along with the other vampires and my dad. Would he be trying to save them? Even if he'd seemed okay to me, I had no way of knowing which side of the line he would fall.

“Are they all like Francis?” she asked, surprising me. “Bad I mean,” she added.

“Well, if your planning to date one, I can tell you it isn't like twilight,” I said. She gave a sarcastic laugh to that.

“Seriously. Are any of them …” she trailed off searching for the word.

“Better than Francis? Yes. He's pretty far down on the evil scale. But that doesn't mean the rest'll be any more help,” I explained.

“What about the guy before? The hot one from the bar who helped you? Is he a werewolf too since he helped you?” she asked. I sighed, knowing this would've cropped up eventually, but not quite this soon. For some reason I felt a stab thinking about William. His last words to me had made it clear he had no intentions of seeing me again. That shouldn't have bothered me, we'd hardly met each other, and yet it did.

“His name is William. He's part of the council itself. He was just protecting the treaty when he stepped in though. I doubt he cares about people that much,” I said. The words felt wrong as a I spoke them. I realised I was as bad as Naomi, assuming things based on what others had told me my whole life.

“That's a little insulting.” I jumped at the familiar voice and stood up, spinning on the spot.

“What are you-” I began.

“Insurance. I play prisoner until the human family is safe,” he shrugged. William's black hair was tied up this time. Considering he'd just come from a council meeting he looked surprisingly casual. He was dressed in plain, black jeans and a dark grey shirt. The sleeves rolled up to the elbow and showing pale skin.

“Oh,” I said. What else had I been expecting? “I'll go let the others know,” I hesitated before moving away, glancing at Diane.

“You're really going to take this insulting thing too far,” William said, cocking an eyebrow.

“Sorry if I'm worried about my friend,” I threw back.

“Understandable. But seeing as I’m here as a gesture of good faith - it stands to reason I wouldn't try to hurt someone under your protection,” he said. I hated that everything he said managed to sound smart, leaving me feeling stupid.

“Right,” I huffed. “You going to be okay?” I asked Diane before leaving. She'd been watching the whole conversation quietly, but now her eyes jumped to mine.

“You're a vampire,” she said, pointing to William. He raised an eyebrow, amusement playing on his lips.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Huh,” she said. “Are you gay?” she asked.

“Diane!” I yelled, horrified by what she'd just asked him. I could feel my cheeks flushing. How could I have forgotten her insistence from before? You'd think she'd picked up enough to realise why I wasn't interested.

The End

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