Chapter 4.3Mature

Uncle Peter and my two cousins turned up forty minutes later. The commotion of their arrival drawing me and Diane from my room. She'd been silent the whole movie and I couldn't help worrying. Surely she should've been asking questions by now. Then again she'd also learnt vampires had her family. She had good reason to withdraw. We hesitated on the small railing outside my room, listening through the open ceiling above the living room to the conversation below. Bryan was explaining the situation, including that Diane knew everything. I didn't need to be there to know Uncle Peter's face would've been clenched at that. He was even worse than my dad when it came to secrecy. He'd also been against the treaty, and a lot of other things. I'd never asked his personal opinion, but I'm pretty sure he hated gay people too. He believed in sticking to traditions, same as most werewolves. Those traditions included soulmates of the opposite sex and large packs. Penny was down there too, though staying silent.

“Trust something like this to happen leading up to the blue moon,” Uncle Peter muttered. I froze at the words. Shit! Of course, why hadn't I thought of it? The Blue Moon wasn't an actual blue moon, it was extra full moon in a monthly cycle. They happened every two or three years and all the packs in the region met up for them. Since dad controlled the situation with the vampires and we owned so much land, it was going to be us hosting this time. Which meant … I decided not to think about what that meant. My life had enough stress at the moment without him occupying my mind.

“I'm heading over to the council building. Maybe I can make them help us. Clearly they aren't listening to Davis,” Uncle Peter muttered. I couldn't help glowering a little at that. Uncle Peter had always envied Davis for being the alpha I think. I was glad Karl wasn't like that about Bryan. The moment he was gone I stood up and we went downstairs. Naomi had aunt Marie's flaming red hair and the green eyes of both our dads. Mark had red hair as well and dark blue eyes. He even had the softer features that Aunt Marie had. Whereas Penny went out of her way to attract attention, Naomi did the opposite. Sticking to jumpers and cargo pants.

“Hey! Good to see you mate,” Mark said, walking over and ruffling my hair. I shoved him away, embarrassed by the gesture.

“You realise I'm eighteen now, right?” I muttered. He just laughed, shaking his head.

“Always going to be the little eight year old brat, sorry,” he shrugged. Mark was the oldest of all of us at twenty-nine. Though thanks to werewolf genes he still looked in his early twenties. Naomi was twenty-one like Karl. She'd decided not to bother with university though. Uncle Peter owned a garage so all of them helped out, repairing cars and bikes. I could spy Naomi's gleaming, silver motorbike out the kitchen windows now. No doubt she'd insisting on coming with it. She hated cars and found them claustrophobic.

“So, we're just going to wait here while the adults discuss things?” Naomi asked.

“That's what dad said,” Penny shrugged.

“Yeah, well my dad thinks we should just go meet this Francis guy. Show him we're not to be fucked with,” Naomi muttered.

“Francis isn't alone. He has two other friends,” Bryan said, narrowing his eyes. I could tell he was preparing mentally for a battle of wills.

“And? There's five of us. Six once Kieran gets here. We can take those bloodsuckers easily,” Naomi said.

“Luca way too young to get involved in this.” I opened my mouth to object and Bryan cut me off with the look. The one only my dad could use. Bryan really was going to be the alpha.

“We stay here. There's still twenty-one hours to go. No reason to panic yet. And if we go, we'll break the treaty,” Bryan said.

“Oh, what a shame that would be,” Naomi muttered, rolling her eyes. I couldn't help it. Maybe it was to do with William and realising they weren't all bad. Maybe it was just my crappy day in general, but I lost it.

“Back the hell off. Before that treaty, family members were dying left, right and centre,” I said, invading her space. Naomi straightened her spine in response, raising a mildly surprised eyebrow. In fact everyone was a little surprised by my outburst. I didn't speak out much, being the youngest meant my opinion usually came last. I'd never minded that since I was usually surrounded by people who shared my thoughts anyway.

“I'm aware. Vampires killed my younger brother,” she replied, her voice turning cold as she glared at me. Bryan hesitated before placing himself between us.

“How about you go back to your room? Mark, Naomi, I'll show you where the guest rooms are,” Bryan said. I waited a few seconds, meeting Naomi's gaze. Then I turned and walked away. I didn't go upstairs though, I went outside into the garden. I felt Diane following me, her steps hurried.

“Hey, no running off and leaving me,” she murmured, grabbing my arm and clinging for dear life.

“I'm sure Bryan would've protected you just fine inside,” I said, pushing her away gently

“Maybe, but I don't know any of them that well, not compared to you. This is all happening so fast, and it really is crazy,” she laughed. “Do you really think we should just wait here?” she asked. I could sense Diane's impatience with everything. I should've realised she'd jump onto Naomi's idea. Diane didn't understand the ins and outs of our history. I guided her to one of benches in the garden and sat her down.

The End

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