Chapter FourMature

Chapter Four

We waited until we were back at the farmhouse and dad was there. He'd be the best one for explaining everything. We walked into the kitchen and found that Penny and mum were already home, making food.

“Hey,” Penny said, escaping her duty of peeling potatoes happily. “Staying over for dinner?” she asked Diane. Her smile faltered as she saw her worried expression. Her gaze flicked to me and Bryan in turn and she let out a sigh. Mum had noticed as well, and had stopped cutting up vegetables. She wiped her hands on the teatowel and walked out of the room. Diane frowned and glanced at me.

“Are you going to explain the weirdness to me already? Why can't I just call the police. They're meant to deal with these things,” Diane said, growing frustrated by our silence.

“The police can't deal with Francis and his friends, trust me,” Bryan murmured. I saw Penny's eyes widen at his name.

“Crap, what did he do?” she asked. Bryan hesitated, glancing at Diane. So much complicated emotion in one gaze. I wondered how she had never realised how much he cared about her. Most of the time werewolves had other werewolves for soulmates, but it wasn't unheard of to have a human mate. Something that was difficult for the werewolf, most humans didn't feel the bond as swiftly as they did. Diane had grown up in this house alongside us and never felt anything. At least not anything she'd admit to herself. Dad walked in then, cutting off whatever response Bryan had. He would've overheard the majority of the conversation, so he knew Francis was involved.

“I better call an emergency meeting with the council,” he murmured, grabbing the phone.

“Will someone explain what's going on?” Diane yelled, her eyes shining. “My mum and little brothers are missing. Let me call the police.”

“We can't do that. The police won't be able to handle these people,” dad explained calmly. Diane's face scrunched with more confusion and clear frustration. “We'll head out. You three make sure she stays safe,” he said. I nodded and we watched him and mum get into his car and drive away. Dad hadn't said whether we were meant to tell Diane the truth.

“I'm going to call Uncle Peter. We should probably get others here just to be safe,” Bryan said, pulling out his phone and walking into the living room. Coward. Penny was one too apparently.

“I have homework,” she said. Before she walked off she patted me on the shoulder. “Good luck,” she whispered. I rolled my eyes at her and watched her race upstairs. When I turned around Diane was watching me with full glare. Man she was pissed, and I really couldn't blame her.

“Want to watch someth-”

“Explain,” Diane interrupted.

“Or we could-”

“Now,” she pushed, her voice turning hysterical. She stepped towards me, looking ready to throw a punch. I held out out my hands, palms up and sighed.

“Prepare to accept crazy,” I murmured. She raised an eyebrow at my words, but waited. I sighed again, toeing dust on the tiled floor. I collapsed onto one of the kitchen stools and tried to figure out the best way to say it all. I realised they was never going to be a way to let her know easily. Not when her family had gotten involved.

“Vampires are real. Francis is a vampire and has a big vendetta against Bryan. You and your family got caught in the crossfire,” I blurted. I shut my eyes, preparing for all kinds of responses. When she didn't say anything I opened one to find she had sat opposite me, her eyes lost in thought. She looked caught between disbelief and panic. She gulped down air.

“Okay,” she said. “Let's say for a minute I believe the crazy,” she said, using my word from earlier. I couldn't help a small smile at it. “Why on earth is a vampire out to get your family?”

“You're really going to make me tell you everything?” I asked. She didn't answer and I slumped forward on the kitchen table. I felt my jaw clench against words I'd been told never to say my whole life. “We're werewolves,” I said. “We don't generally get along with vampires,” I added. She sent me a duh look. Diane had been obsessed with the whole fiction long enough to pick that up.

The End

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