Chapter 3.5Mature

“Wait, what?” I asked, glancing at him in the rear-view mirror. He raised an eyebrow, apparently my ignorance confused him.

“I'll explain later. Let's get Diane home first,” Bryan said.

“Fine, I probably need to pack stuff to take with me to yours anyway,” Diane said in complete defiance of Bryan's words. I couldn't help a smirk as Bryan tried hopelessly to convince her multiple times to go away with her family. We pulled up outside her house and she got out the car. She grabbed my arm and yanked me after her.

“Insurance so you stay put,” she said to Bryan. Based on his expression that had been his exact plan. I followed her into the corridor and was greeted by chaos. The hallway was strewn with books, shoes and coats. It was actually tidier than our house had been when we had all been at school. I followed her through the tiny space to the living room. Much like the hallway there were things littering all free surfaces.

“Mum, did you get my text?”Diane asked, walking into the living room. We waited for an answer and she frowned, her eyebrows burrowing. I started to get a bad feeling. She walked through into the kitchen. “Mum?” she asked. She walked out of the kitchen after a few moments, looking very confused.

She headed back to the hallway and up the stairs. I followed, sniffing the air as I did. The house smelled of Diane and her family. She opened the biggest room that her little brothers shared but it was empty. The bad feeling in the pit my stomach was getting a lot worse. My phone rang, making me jump. My phone didn't recognise the number, which made me all the more nervous. Diane stared at me as I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I asked, my voice hoarse.

“Luca,” Karen purred down the line, sending instant chills down my spine. “Francis wasn't sure Gregory delivered the message completely. So we kidnapped ourselves a few extras.” No. I turned away, putting my back to Diane and spoke in harsh whispers.

“Are you insane? Let them go right now.”

“I can't do that.”

“If you don't you're breaking the treaty.”

“And what a shame that would be. That alpha wannabe brother of yours has twenty-four hours to meet Francis. Come to the club and I'll take him to Francis. Only then do we let them go. I don't think I need to explain what will happen if your brother doesn't show up.” The phone clicked and tone went on in my ears. I pulled the phone away from my face starring at the blank screen.

“What's going on?” Diane asked, her eyes wide. She must've heard enough of that conversation to know it wasn't good. I turned and knew there was no way to hide my expression from her.

“Francis is even worse than I realised,” I whispered. She starred at me, her mind unable to comprehend what I was saying. “Diane, I'm so sor-”

“Stop it,” she cut me off, lifting her eyes from the floor. Her jaw shook a little but the defiant light was back in her eyes. “We better get to your house so we can fix me this,” she said. “We can call the police on the way.” I let Bryan tell her not to bother. She wanted to know why, and me and Bryan's eyes locked in the rear-view mirror. There was no way to avoid it now.

The End

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