Chapter 3.3Mature

“About time, defending this table from university students is hard,” she said, letting out an exaggerated sigh.

“I'm sure it is,” I joked, choosing to forget William. I'd said what I'd wanted to say. At least some of what he'd said had made sense. It's not like we had reason to cross paths again.

“It is!” she exclaimed. “Those guys are fierce about good study spots,” she continued, laughing. I shook my head and went to the counter to order our usual drinks. The girl looked a little surprised by my ability to remember all the requirements for Diane's drink. She probably thought we were together, I was used to that reaction. I handed her the caramel latte with skinny milk and no form and sat back down.

“So is what I heard from Bryan true?” she asked, grabbing my attention instantly.

“What did he tell you?” I asked, taking a drink. There's no way he'd tell her about us. She might be his soulmate, but that was still a ridiculous risk. One he'd never take.

“Apparently all the extended family are visiting soon. I was told I had to stay away while they invaded the house,” she explained, laughing. I blinked, because it was news to me. Or I just hadn't been listening. Sometimes they visited for full moons, but that's for special occasions like anniversaries. There wasn't anything coming up as far as I was aware.

“I'll find out from my dad tonight. If they are coming over then Bryan's probably right,” I said. “Sorry,” I added.

“Hey, its you who suffers, not me. Who else will listen to your rants about cute guys?” she teased. I smiled at the comment, wondering how she managed to stay positive all the time. “Speaking off, I spy a cutie,” she murmured, glancing behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and shrugged.

“Either he's overcompensating, or he's straight,” I murmured and drank more hot chocolate. She snorted at the comment and frowned as she studied the stranger.

“Go ahead,” I said dryly. She sent me a grateful look and stood up, walking over to the guy. I rolled my eyes at her determined expression. Diane may not been much of a looker compared to some girls, but she had a spark about her that made them notice her anyway. I prepared to be stuck on my own for at least twenty minutes while she talked and flirted, but someone sat opposite me within moments. I froze, wondering what the hell he was doing here.

“You're definitely not old enough to be out during the day,” I muttered.

“True, but as long as I work towards the back of the counter the sun doesn't bother me,” Gregory shrugged, making the tips of his dirty blond hair shift. Brilliant. I was going to have to convince Diane to switch to Costa.

“What do you want? It's not like you can start a brawl outside right now,” I said. He flashed me a smile that was probably meant to show fang. It took a bit more than that to intimidate me, something I made clear with my deadpan expression.

“Francis wants to settle the score already,” he replied.

“Like last time with his friends help? I'll pass,” I murmured, rolling my hands. I moved to stand up and he slammed his hand over mine, pinning me in place with terrifying strength. I narrowed my eyes at the hand.

“Get off me,” I muttered, pushing back a tide of anger. I was still too new to turning that it could change me. If that happened I might not regain control. I'd heard enough stories about werewolves going mad to restrain myself.

“No, a real one-on-one. But not with you. A pup is hardly worth any pride,” Gregory sneered. I flexed my free hand over my jeans, feeling my palms grow sweaty. I forced my breathing to calm down as I met his illusive, grey eyes evenly.

“Neither of my siblings are dumb enough to take up your offer,” I laughed. Total lie, Bryan was definitely dumb enough. Especially after that second jumping when I was alone.

“Well let them know anyway,” he said. “Let them decide for themselves.” I sent him a look that made clear how much I hated him. “Oh,” he added as he began to stand up, his hand still firmly planted on top of mine. “If you don't tell them. I will hurt that friend of yours. The fragile human one.”

The End

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