Chapter 2.4Mature

“Did you get bitten?” Bryan asked the moment I walked in.

“No,” I replied, crossing my arms and leaning against the counter. “Why would you think that?” I asked.

“Well, you did get attacked. And then you spent time with one of the vampire council dudes. If anyone's going to act above the treaty, it's them,” Bryan shrugged.

“I didn't get that impression from him,” I replied. Bryan blinked at me before bursting into laughter. I felt my cheeks flush in annoyance, I hadn't been kidding around.

“All vampires are the same Luca, remember?” Bryan said with a patronising mess-up of my hair. I slapped his hand away. He stopped laughing, a momentary look of shock on his face.

“He saved my ass and yours last night. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt,” I said. Bryan looked stumped for words, good. I turned and headed to my room, glad to fall asleep. Not so glad to keep waking up randomly during the night. I couldn't even remember the dreams, but they left me bothered and kicking the covers off me for cooler air.


I barely managed to stay awake for my first class and probably didn't learn anything about polymers as a result. At least everything in Chemistry so far had been pretty textbook, easy enough to learn later. I headed to my second class, sill yawning when Diane found me.

“Oh my god your face,” she shrieked, eyes wide. It took me a second to remember I had a split lip and a few bruises. Mum reaction had almost been to add to the bruises. Though she backed off when I explained Diane was the one at risk if I hadn't done anything,

“I'm fine,” I shrugged, taking the seat next to her and tapping my fingers impatiently. The teacher for photography was always late.

“If you say so,” she frowned. “Hey, are you still going to help out with my project?” she asked.

“I said I would. Though I doubt beaten up me will look good on camera,” I replied.

“I don't know, adds a rugged edge to it I guess,” she said with a short laugh. I shook me head.

“Do you even have a name yet for your project? Because I'm still foggy on what it entails,” I asked, pulling out my own notebook which was full of scribbled ideas but nothing concrete. I mostly just took pictures of landscapes or buildings. I'd never really been good at capturing people. I wonder if vampires really can't be caught on camera. William definitely had photogenic looks. I blinked, realising what I was thinking about and shook my head.

“I'm calling it 'The mask and the truth',” she replied, putting on a faux mysterious voice. “And it involves me taking pictures of you and your bedroom. Since we show ourselves in there,” Diane explained.

“Great, so the whole class is going to see my collection of manga?” I asked.

“Yes. Though don't worry, I won't photograph the secret ones you hide from your parents,” she said with a little mischievous grin.

“My parents wouldn't know what yaoi is. Penny and Bryan on the other hand, might,” I replied. She nodded and slumped forward on her desk a little, staring at the clock. A small smile crept onto her lips and she glanced back at me.

“What?” I said warily.

“Did anything happen between you and the hot guy?” she asked. When I blinked at her in confusion she sighed. “There was a hot guy who overheard me worrying about you when you disappeared. He offered to check the back and told me I should head home. I didn't want to, but then I realised he was clearly gay and clearly hot. I figured you wouldn't object to him rescuing you,” Diane finished with a proud grin.

“Yeah … no,” I replied, dragging out the first word.

“No?” she said, blinking. “You mean you didn't think he was hot?” she asked, looking at me like I was crazy.

“I didn't really look at him that way,” I replied. I shifted a little in my seat, growing uncomfortable with the topic. Diane couldn't understand it, why would she? Vampires and werewolves have never liked each other. Thinking about any vampire in that sort of capacity felt wrong.

“Oh,” she uttered. “Well, he was hot. I thought maybe you guys had met from the way he was acting.”

The End

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