Chapter 2.3Mature

“Here.” The sudden sound of his voice made me jump a little. He smirked at the action, making me glower a little. He cleared his throat, but the annoying smile wouldn't leave his face. “Sorry. I thought you guys were hard to sneak up on,” he said.

“I only started changing a few months ago,” I defended. It was a valid point. It didn't get rid of the smirk though.

“Aren't you a little young to be in a club then?” he asked with a raised eye.

“What are you, 50?” I said, rolling my eyes. “I'm eighteen,” I answered.

“Didn't realise people changed so late for your kind,” he murmured. “Nice to learn new things, even now,” he added.

“It's rare,” I shrugged, not sure what else to say in response. For a long time I was worried I'd never experience the shift. I took the clothes he was offering and looked around.

“Bathrooms connected to the bedroom,” William said, motioning behind him. I nodded my thanks and headed there. I paused for a split second to see the same simplistic layout in his room. A double bed, wardrobe and bedside tables. It seemed odd that he didn't have anything sentimental lying around, save some artefacts. I headed into the bathroom and saw myself for the first time. My hair was still spiked up thanks to Diane but there was god knows what also stuck to my head. I shuddered at my reflection and turned away. I striped and changed quickly. When I was back to human form my ankle was a bit better, though it was going to be tender for a few days. I showered, grateful to get rid of the muck and dirt. I threw my top in the bin, there was little point keeping it. I pulled my jeans back on and the shirt William had given me. It was huge on me thanks to my smaller build. I tucked it in anyway and pulled on my jacket, doing up the zip. Hopefully no one In my family wonders about the new shirt too much. Then again, they'll wonder why a vampire drives me home. I left the room and found William waiting on the sofa in the living room. He looked up as I approached, obviously his senses were working just fine. He blinked when he saw me, before standing up and stretching. I couldn't help wondering what he'd been thinking just then.

“Come on. I already called your dad to let him know what happened,” William said, opening the front door. I stared at his back for a few seconds. “Come on,” he said, holding the door open. I blinked and left the flat, still trying to wrap my head around his words.

“Wait, you know my dad?” I asked as I followed him back to the car.

“Well, seeing as I'm on the vampire council that would be expected,” William replied. I froze mid-step. He stopped a few paces later when he saw I wasn't following. “You look confused,” he murmured. Based on his expression he was enjoying my shock a little too much.

“I just thought the council members were all old and stuffy,” I shrugged. He lifted an eyebrow and I panicked a little. Had I just offended him? Before now, I at least had the excuse of not knowing who he was.

“Well, I'm old in vampire terms. Though I try to avoid the stuffy part,” he murmured with a slow smile.

“Ah,” I said as he stared at me. “Well … I only suspected the old part. What with some of the stuff in your place,” I continued. Why was a rambling? Why did I feel so awkward now? A vampire was a vampire. Him having some status in their world made no difference to me. Unfortunately the pack laws kept flicking through my mind. It told me to respect guys of status, same as my alpha.

“Let's go,” he said. I nodded mutely and got into the car. The drive didn't take long and I was relieved to leave the car. My dad was waiting outside. I froze, worried I was about to get yelled at. He motioned for me to get behind him. I frowned but headed for the back door. I glanced a look over my shoulder as he and William started to talk.

“William,” My father greeted.

“Davis,” William replied, matching my fathers cold tone. I shuddered at it, I'd gotten used to William sounding so friendly. I walked inside before I could overhear the conversation. Bryan and Penny's eyes were glued to the kitchen window when I walked in, staring at William.

The End

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