Chapter 2.2Mature

“Oh,” I said, feeling a little bad for the assumption. Only a little bit though. “Thanks,” I added. His smirk widened at my reluctance. I stared down at my clothes, seeing all the tiny cuts. My ankle was really starting to throb. I needed to shift again, but if I did my clothes were going to be nothing but ripped cloth. And then I'd be stuck standing in the street naked.

“If you want to sort yourself out sooner, my place is nearby,” William said. I blinked at him, could he read my thoughts or something?

“Live long enough and you can read peoples faces pretty well,” he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. He was acting so … normal.

“How long is long?” I asked as we reached his car. He opened the passenger door for me. I glanced at him as I got in and mumbled another thanks. He got into the driver seat quickly and started up the car. I didn't know enough about cars to name the make, but both the inside and outside looked expensive.

“Careful there. You're starting to sound like you're actually interested in talking to a vampire,” he murmured. That smirk was back and it was really starting to bug me. It wasn't like Francis, his had just been arrogant. William's smirk was more along the lines of 'I know something you don't'.

“Okay fine, then we'll just sit in awkward silence,” I said with a wave of the wrist. I'd used my right arm and remember too late my side hurt. I gripped my jacket over the area and winced.

“Are you going to pass out?” William asked, genuine concern touching his tone.

“No. I'm good,” I replied. My voice came out a lot more wobbly than I would've liked. I was really starting to hate this situation. Looking weak in front of a vampire was the last thing I wanted to do.

“So, awkward silence? Why would it be awkward?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Usually is,” I shrugged.

“Only if you let it,” he countered.

“Well I don't like you. So there,” I threw. He frowned at me and shook his head.

“Are we seriously going to argue over silence? It kind of mitigates the whole point a little,” he said, completely ignoring what I just said.

“Well then shut up,” I said.

“You're unnecessarily mean,” he replied, feigning hurt. I wanted to laugh at the irony, a vampire was calling me mean?

“You know what, just stop the car,” I yelled. “I'll just shift and get home that way,” I muttered. His expression told me he wanted to argue, but he sighed and pulled over. I threw open the door and stood up. I sat back down instantly with a small yelp. The pain in my ankle had definitely gotten worse.

“You done throwing a tantrum?” William asked. I glared at him as I shut the door. I slumped back into the car seat. I can't believe I was getting scolded by a vampire of all things. It was surreal as hell.

“So are we going to mine first or straight to yours?” he asked.

“My mum will kill me if I come home battered up two nights in a row,” I said.

“Well, I wouldn't want that,” he murmured. Something about the low way he spoke it took me by surprise. Was he-? No. No way in hell. I wouldn't even let myself go down that line of thinking. It was just wrong for so many reasons. He pulled into a parking lot near a block of flats. I stared at the depleted state of the buildings and surrounding street in confusion.

“Aren't you guys rich or something?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I've been rich and poor more than once. It's taught me to stick to the basics,” he replied with a shrug. Seriously, how old was this guy? Inside was a lot better looking than outside, though still pretty simplistic. The narrow hallway lead to a small kitchen and living room. I guessed further down the narrow space was the door to his bedroom.

“I can lend you some clothes. I'm assuming you plan to shift again for your ankle?” Will asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. Why was I feeling nervous? Must be because I was stuck with a vampire. Stuck in his house and no one knew it. Yeah, that made sense. He headed to the other closed door. I stood awkwardly in the hallway, unsure what to do with myself. I walked into the living room and took in the plain sofa, coffee table and TV. Along the far left wall was a display cabinet and bookshelf. I wondered if the stuff on display were things he'd gotten at the time.

The End

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