Chapter 1.3Mature

The sound of the alarm woke me up. I turned it off and didn't move. My body hurt all over and I had zero interest in moving. Someone knocked on my door loudly.

“Go away!” the yell was muffled by my pillow. The door opened, letting in a thin stream of bright sunlight. I pushed back hair blocking my view, blinking sleep out of my eyes.

“Get ready. Or we'll both be late,” Penny said. She was already dressed and made-up, her hair falling in perfect curves and framing her face. How the hell did she wake up early enough to do all that?

“I'll be down in twenty,” I murmured back. It was more like thirty, but I couldn't help that being sleepy made me slip in the shower. The drive back into town was quick, courtesy of Penny breaking the speed limit as always. The college building was made up of separate block buildings. Different classes went on in each. Penny left for the creative arts block, double-checking she had all her dancing gear before leaving the car. I headed to the cafeteria first. I needed hot chocolate before I could even contemplate learning. Not that I had to worry, my first period was a free one. I probably could've nagged mum to drive me in for the start of my second lesson, but I had been too tired to bother.

“Dude, who'd you fight?” Diane asked, sitting opposite me. Sunlight from the nearby window making her red hair look more like auburn.

“Long story,” I mumbled before drinking some more hot chocolate.

“You always say that,” she sighed. “You're too short and skinny to get into fights,” she muttered.

“I'm stronger than you think,” I defended, though I was too tired to really put effort into the statement.

“Sure you are,” she replied with a snort. Diane had been my friend since I was in primary school. She'd beat up bullies for me. Ever since she's always believed she had to watch my back. She'd probably die of shock if I told her I was a werewolf.

“I was thinking we should head to the club tonight. I need to meet a hot guy,” Diane said.

“What happened to Jason?” I asked, her last boyfriend of many.

“He decided he'd rather have drunken make-outs with another girl,” Diane muttered, her eyes narrowing at the memory. I wish I could react like her sometimes. Getting angry would've been better than getting sad.

“Oh god, did I just remind you of-”

“It's been two and a half years, I'm fine,” I cut her off. “The last thing I want to do is talk about him,” I murmured. She frowned at me but changed the subject.

“Here,” she said, handing me a book.

“Why do you keep reading this crap?” I muttered, handing it back to her. I wasn't going to bother reading the blurb. I knew real vampires, I didn't need bad romance about them. Well, the 'know'' is a little loose. More a case of being beaten up by a lot of them.

“Because vampires are hot, duh,” she replied, putting it into her bag. “You're just annoyed because Bella picked Edward and not Jacob,” she taunted.

“First, the twilight movies were terrible and cliché. I hate you for making me watch them. Second, Edward had a crappy personality before you add in the bloodsucker part,” I defended.

“This has nothing to do with you thinking Jacob was hot?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I'm not getting into this argument,” I muttered, leaning back. Besides, we both knew the actor playing Jacob was a hell of a lot cuter than the guy playing Edward.

“Pfft, fine,” she said. “Club? Nay or Yay?” she asked. I didn't really want to. If I ran into those vamps again, there was a big chance they'd take advantage of my being there alone. But Diane would go without me, and who knew what might happen then.

“Yay,” I replied with zero enthusiasm. She grinned and checked her watch.

“Drink up fast nerd, class soon,” she said. Class was boring.

The End

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