Chapter 1.2Mature

“Next time, we ignore everything Bryan says,” Penny said. I glanced up and saw she'd changed back. Her jeans and top were as ripped up as mine. A side-effect of the changes – it shredded whatever you were wearing. My own clothes were in no better a condition. Bryan growled quietly before changing himself.

“Hey, my plan was foolproof,” Bryan muttered, standing up and holding out a hand. I winced as he pulled me up.

“Was it meant to include the part where we got out butts kicked?” I asked. I yelped a little as Bryan shoved my shoulder back into its socket. “Ow,” I vocalised. Bryan messed up my hair in response.

“Come on, it could've ended worse,” he joked.

“Yeah, we could dead,” I agreed soberly.

“Let's just get home. Before mum and dad freak,” Penny suggested.

“Best suggestion made so far,” I muttered. Bryan shot me a glare which I refused to meet. We trudged to Bryan's car and headed home. The big farmhouse near the forest was a mismatch of bricks and wood. It'd been small once upon a time. Now generations later, many extensions had been added. We were a big family. On top of all the other pack members in the town who'd come and stay around full moons.

“Dad's going to kill us when he finds out,” I muttered as we pulled into the gravel driveway.

“Only if dad finds out,” Bryan pointed out.

“How else do you plan to explain our state?” I asked. He opened his mouth to reply, but dad cut him off from the doorway.

“I hope you aren't planning to lie, Bryan,” his voice boomed to us. He had to duck his head to leave the kitchen back door and approach the car. Bryan leaned back in his seat slightly, as did me and Penny.

“Bryan convinced us to attack vampires,” Penny gave up, slumping so her blond hair and hands hid her face. She peaked through one hand and saw father was sighing.

“Daddy's little girl,” Bryan muttered. Dad opened his car door and pulled him out by the collar. “Hey dad,” he said with a nervous laugh as he stumbled a little over the gravel.

“How many times do I have to tell you to respect the treaty?” dad said. He didn't have to yell it, his presence as the pack alpha carried enough force.

“They weren't exactly hesitate to fight back,” Bryan countered. Dad gave him an icy stare before releasing him.

“Penny, Luca, get inside,” dad instructed. I jumped out the back and followed Penny inside readily. Bryan stayed outside. Dad was probably going to yell at him. Bryan was the strongest of us, making him most likely to take over as alpha. Sometimes he let that get to his head way too much. Mum sighed the moment we walked into the kitchen. She shared Penny's glowing blond hair and soft features. Bryan was more like dad, tall with muscles and dark hair. I was a mix, getting dad's hair and green eyes, but mums shorter height.

“You two look like you've been through the shredder,” she muttered. She set down her mug of coffee and shooed us upstairs to the bathroom. “Go wash, I'll get the first aid kit,” she said, no doubt sensing neither of us had the energy to shift again. I headed to the far side of the farmhouse where my room was and showered and dressed. Then endured the alcohol rub silently as mum fixed up the cuts I had. There wasn't that many, save a bad gash along my back.

“Your spine could've been wrecked, you got lucky,” Mum warned as she bandaged my back.

“Bryan's idea,” I defended.

“Luca,” she began with a sigh. “Do you listen to everything your older brother says?” she countered, messing up my hair as Bryan had done earlier. I hated it, which is exactly why everyone in my family did it.

“He threw the whole 'he's going to be the alpha someday' thing at us,” I replied. She laughed, shaking her head. Her hair tickled the back of my neck.

“You might be the alpha one day Luca, nothing is set in stone,” Mum said. I shuddered at the idea. I didn't do leading people.

“There,” Mum announced when she'd finished cleaning me up. I mumbled my thanks as I pulled my shirt back on. “Now go sleep, otherwise you'll never wake up in time for college tomorrow,” mum said. I did so, grateful to collapse in my bed and fall sleep.

“I wonder who that William guy is,” I murmured sleepily to myself. I shook the thought away. The last thing I needed to do was get involved in vampire business.

The End

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