In Hindsight, this was a very bad idea ...
What starts out as another bar brawl between Luca's pack and some local vampires becomes much more. When a vampire named William appears and breaks up the fight, Luca doesn't think much of it, but the mysterious Will keeps appearing in his life. Luca already has enough problems keeping his secret from his family without vampric interest Afterall, werewolves and vampires are barely getting along, the treaty between them fragile, easily broken

Chapter One

In hindsight, this was a very bad idea. Why on earth Bryan thought we could take on the vampires I'll never know. I know in theory odds were even, three of us, three of them. But I'd only gone through a few moon cycles. Bryan was the most experienced of us in fighting, he really should've known better.

We need to get out of here! Penny cried in our heads. She was backing away from the exit of the club, heading towards the forest. Bryan was joining her.

Easy for you to say, I thought back. I was stuck against the wall of the club, the vampires between us. One grinned, as if able to hear our thoughts.

“How about we agreed not to tell our superiors, in exchange for the pup?” the female vamp drawled. Her dark eyes concentrating on me. Bryan snapped his jaw in response.

“So glad you said that. I'm growing tired of the treaty between our kinds anyway,” The big burly male murmured with a scary grin. He turned around, facing me. I jumped, clamping my jaws on his shoulder. His blood tasted vile in my mouth. He yelled out and ran forward. I cried out a high-pitched sound as my back collided with the harsh brick wall. I unlatched my teeth and fell in a crumpled pile at his feet. I could feel the change fading from the blow. My bones repairing as I did.

Luca, stop it! If you change- Bryan's mental warning was stopped by a kick from the female. It sent him sprawling into the bushes, but he recovered quickly. He rolled back to his feet, emitting a low growl. I managed to get a bleary look around and see Penny was barely keeping up against the other male with lanky blond hair. The vampire grabbed the back of my head, scratching the back of my neck in the process. I winced and swore at him, trying to kick him in the abdomen. It didn't make much difference, I couldn't fight him in my human form. I saw his fist pull back over my head. If the others were talking I couldn't hear it now. I clamped my eyes shut and prepared for the blow.

“I take my eyes off you for five minutes,” a new voice muttered. I heard a sickening snap and opened my eyes in time to see the vampire above me cry out. The guy who did it threw him out of the way and strolled to the female. She stopped and pulled back before he got there. I sat up and saw that the guy bothering Penny was gone as well.

“They started it,” the female yelled, voice indignant.

“So? Have you not learnt any self-control?” the new player huffed. “Go back to the club, all three of you,” he yelled. The female glared but turned. The bulky guy sent me a look that said we weren't finished before following her. I heard a groan from the roof and realised the third guy must've been thrown up there. How strong was this person? He got up after some quiet swearing and jumped down. He grimaced as he ankle cracked loudly.

“Join Karen and Francis. I'll deal with you three in a few moments,” the guy instructed the third. He muttered something about 'dirty mutts' under his breath and walked inside. I glared at his back for the comment. That left the newcomer. He was definitely on the tall side, with dark shoulder-length hair. The pale skin and sharp teeth glinting confirmed he was another vampire. Not that there many other things that could throw around vampires like that. He had to be pretty old though. That didn't bode well for us if he was planning to fight. He glanced at Bryan and Penny who were both growling a safe distance away. I was still stuck by the wall. He turned from them to me.

“Sorry about this,” he said to me. I blinked at him. “Two of them are recently turned and haven't learnt to follow the rules yet. Greg just likes to be a bad influence,” he explained with a shrug. As if that made my sore body feel any better.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. He raised one in return, his eyes studying me. No doubt taking in every cut and bruise.

“William. I've been tasked with handling these three. I hope you won't make a big deal about this,” he replied. I starred at him with wide eyes, was he kidding me? He sighed, seeing my look. “A lot of us actually like the treaty,” he muttered. He walked towards me and I backed up. He ignored the action and walked past me, into the club. I stared after him as the door closed.

The End

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