That nightMature

Just the typical teenage relationship, slightly edited to make it perfect and make you sad because you want this relationship.

I knocked on the door. Quicky adjusting myself before he answered, his face broke into a grin and his eyes widened as  he surveyed my body. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside with a sense of urgency, we giggled like teenagers do. I clamped my hands around him and he brushed the hair from my face and gently stroked my cheek. I pulled him closer and he tenderly kissed me and moved his hands from my face to my waist. Slowly edging towards my ass. We suddenly snapped from the moment as his mum came into the room.
"Put him down, you don't know where he's been!"
I laughed a little nervously and smile. He walked over to the fridge, seemingly to get something but I know he was just trying to seem nonchalant. His mum shuffled about between us as we exchanged glances, he gave me those sexy eyes and that cheeky smile. I knew exactly what he was thinking. I bit my lip ever so slightly and smiled back. He winked at me and ran his hands through his hair revealing his toned abs a little and the waistband of his boxers. I was desperate for his mum to leave so I could have my hands on him. I started chatting to her to make it less awkward, she told me she was staying out that night, drinks with the girls,  it was understandable, she was a single mother, she had to have some other interaction than the occasional conversation with her teenage son.
"You're quite welcome to stay, I know you kids love to spend as much time as possible together"
I looked over at him, his eyes twinkled and he flashed me the cheeky grin again.
"Oh sure, thanks Julie"
I smiled at her then looked back at him. He gestured me into the living room and his mum went off to get ready. We never really watched TV, just sort of background noise whilst we talked or kissed. Sometimes he'd just put music on quietly and we lay on the sofa together, he'd softly stroke my hair or my cheek while we chatted about nothing. I wouldn't care if we said nothing, I just loved being with him. Sometimes he'd just kiss me mid sentence, smile and say "carry on". I'd blush and smile at him then lose my train of thought and go for another kiss. I could tell by the way he looked at me that I meant something to him and I loved that. The way he held me when we slept or just laid made me feel so safe and loved. When we had sex I knew it wasn't just sex, there was a connection. 

He was laid behind me one hand on my stomach and the other stroking my hair. Sometimes he'd whisper "I love you" when we slept and kiss me on the head, I only know because I'm awake some of the times he does it. We were laying silently, muffled sounds from his mums music upstairs as she rambled about occasionally dropping something. He nuzzled into my neck and kissed. I turned to face him and he pulled one of my legs across him and moved in closer. Then I lightly brushed my lips against his as he moved his hand slowly up my leg. Before I knew it we were passionatly kissing, my hands wandering his body and his creeping up my
top. I heard his mum coming down the stairs, we both panicked and in all the commotion I ended up on the floor.
"Why are you on the floor?" She asked with a smile and a suspicious tone.
"Erm....Ally pushed me...we were just messing around"
He laughed and sat up, slyly putting a pillow on his lap to hide his...excitement.
"Well anyway..I'm going out, I'll see you kids tomorrow, food in the fridge, DON'T burn the house down" She laughed "Have a good night" The door slammed.
"Oh....we will" He grinned as he pounced on me, being a goofball he nibbled on my neck and made growling noises. I giggled and pushed him away but I didn't really want him to stop. He sat up in front of me and pulled me towards him. He gave me quite an intense kiss (he must have really wanted it) and stood up dragging me with him. I started going upstairs and he got two cokes from the fridge, he was behind me on the stairs, even without looking I knew he was oggling me. He knew I'd worn shorts just to tease him. I decided to tease him a little more, I swayed my hips more and bent down a little. I know I shouldn't have but he knew he was gonna get some. By the time we got to his room he was having withdrawal symptoms. He dropped the cokes without thinking and took me in his arms, my hands on his face and his a little below my waist. We collapsed onto the bed he was on top of me, his lips moved from mine to my neck as I let out a soft moan. His body slowly grinding against mine, I could tell he was into it, I felt him getting harder and his grinds became harder, like he was trying to fuck me through his clothes. I leaned in to him and whispered "later". I could tell he was a little disappointed but also now excited for what was "later".

The End

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