Best Friend

How do I explain the truth? 

How do I convince her he’s all wrong? 

How do I tell her that the look in his eyes isn’t of love but of want?

She must already know the truth, right? Isn’t it the least bit obvious? 


How do I do this? I live for the truth … but even if its going to make her cry … 

I hate seeing girls cry. It breaks my heart. 

Especially for her. I yearn to just reach out and hold her, comfort her, wipe away those tears—but every time I try, she just pushes me away.


I know she wants to be in my arms. 

I know she wants someone to hold her.

And I know she knows the truth … but then why isn’t she doing anything to change it? 

I’ll have to do it again.

I’ll have to explain the truth again.

And watch her cry again.

And feel her push me away again.

That’s not a good feeling. 


Though we’re just friends and all now, it still hurts.

So hopefully this time she’ll understand.

Hopefully this time she’ll actually listen to me and take my advice.


I hope things will finally start to change.

The End

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