Can’t believe she just told me that.

Guess there’s a first for everything. 


She’ll come around eventually though. They always do. 

I’ll break her down. Because I always do. 


I mean, I can just see in her eyes how she wants me sometimes. 

I remember once in class when I thought she’d jump on me … 

Or maybe I was gonna jump on her. 

Not sure. 

But jumping was involved my daydream. 


Still can’t believe she said that though. 


It just looks like she could move … I think I’ll tell her that now too. 

I love that little shocked look that crosses her face when I say stuff like that. 

It’s so cute. Or even something more than cute. 


Can’t pin point a word … but there’s surely one that describes it. 

And I love how she tries to hide it ... but never can do that effectively.


She's so easy to read sometimes it's almost unbelievable.


I wonder how long it’d take to break her down. 

Can’t take too long. I won’t move on, of course. 


I’ll stay after it happens, because I know it will. 

The issue at hand: making her believe it. 


She doesn’t just yet. But she will.

The End

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