Those Little Harsh Reminders

“I’m sure one day we’ll have sex. Maybe not this school year. Probably the next … but it’s gonna happen. I’ve got no doubts about it.”

Doubt it. 


She had already promised herself she wouldn’t, so why would he be so convinced they would? Seated in the green grass of her backyard, she pondered this. He had said those words long before they started dating, but had he been joking? Or was he serious? 

Knowing him, he probably was. 

But then again, almost every guy joked about stuff like that. It was a part of their nature to be bluntly perverted. So what made him different? 

Maybe it was the fact she knew he’d done it before. Often.  

Or maybe it was just the fact that when he’d told her that there wasn’t any hints of joking in his voice. He was not only bluntly perverted … but completely serious. 


She couldn’t start doubting herself now though. She told him on that day it’d never happen and she was focused on proving him wrong. About everything they could ever do. Even as a couple now, she wasn’t into that stuff. 

The question was how to tell him that. 

After all, he was a guy. And guys seemed to need things that girls could do without. 

Should she just follow him in his ways? Be frank with him? 

It couldn’t hurt. 

It could only make things awkward. 

But in the back on her mind one question was secretly troubling her: if she told him no, what else would they have? 


Could they still have a relationship without all of that? Could he do that? Was he willing to do that?

Doubt it.

The End

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