One & Only

As a couple now, things had to be different now.  



His hand slid down her leg as they kissed and the ever-present goose bumps returned. Their mouths moved in and out in perfect rhyme. His body pressed against hers tightly and at one point she could feel his sculpted chest. Suddenly, his tongue became demanding and she unwillingly imagined choking on something else—something she swore she’d never touch. Her face twisted into a grimace and he removed his tongue. 

His main focus became rubbing up and down on her leg. His hands moved surely; he knew what he was doing. She tried not to flinch from his touch but nervousness overtook her body, making her legs quiver. He moved to her inner thigh and she cringed. 

“Want me to stop?” he asked but she shook her head no. 

“I’m okay.” Her voice came out weakly, unconvincingly. 

“Okay then.” He returned to her lips, kissing her and feeling for her kisses back as if for reassurance. He knew she was panicky and jumpy but his goal was to get her past those emotions … and to bliss. He rubbed her inner thighs as they locked lips. 

For a moment, he opened his eyes and almost giggled like a little school girl at her expression. She looked as if she wanted to say stop but was fighting herself not to. And that was just fine with him. 

He could feel her body shaking more and so he removed his hands from her legs. After that, it was obvious she was relaxing. His lips moved to her neck and she leaned her head back. 

“Oh my god babe, I really want to have you right now,” he whispered against her neck. 

“You want to have me?” she questioned. “Definition please.” 

He continued to kiss her neck while asking, “Its … isn’t it obvious?” her eyes opened and looked into his with hesitation. 

She thought for a moment, couldn’t comprehend what he meant and said, “Um no. So tell me …” 

As she waited for an answer, he quickly turned away from her wondering eyes and went back to kissing her neck. “Don’t worry about it … just forget I said anything.” Was he okay with corrupting her mind? Somewhat. 

“Oh come on, don’t be like that. Just tell me,” she begged. 

In truth, she already knew the answer but maybe it was so obvious she just skipped right over it. He thought on his feet and made up a reasonable answer. “It just means … I wanna pin you.” His hands slid down to her wrists, bringing one up to kiss it while wondering what was going through her head right now. 

“Oh.” Was all she said and he laughed quietly. 

“I would never hurt you,” he promised before going back to her lips and pinning her arms back to the wall.

She resisted the urge to struggle away; being trapped down was one of the things she really hated. And it wasn’t like she could get away if she tried. He sometimes enjoyed proving how much stronger he was than her anyway. 

“You okay babe?” he asked while pulling away from her lips. 

“Yep,” she lied, reaching back for his. He leaned further away though and she demanded, “Kiss me.”

A smile crept to his face. “Make me,” he taunted. 

“That’s not even fair,” she giggled angrily. “I can’t reach you.” 

“Well try.” 

“You just wanna see me struggle.” She argued and he nodded. 

“Yeah, pretty much.” 

“Oh don’t be a jerk.” 

“That’s not being a jerk, babe.” 

“Don’t ‘babe’ me,” she snapped with enthusiasm. “You probably only wanted to pin you to see if I could get away.” 

He didn’t give her a yes or no to that statement but she had a pretty good guess. They were boyfriend and girlfriend … he had to be just playing around … she might as well play around too … 

She stuck her tongue out at him and warned, “Don’t you dare laugh at me.” 

He nodded solemnly as she tried to move forward. No such luck. She then tried hooking her leg around his in an attempt to heave herself from the wall. Nothing. “Give up yet?” 

“No,” she said fiercely, continuing to struggle from his grip. After a second or so, she sighed loudly. “Okay I give up. Let me go.” 

“First you have to admit I’m better and stronger.” 

“You’re better and stronger,” she told him sarcastically with a grin. “Now kiss me you jerk.” 

He laughed, going for her lips as she turned her head so the kiss landed on her cheek. “Oh ouch. That was harsh.” He said with the sting of a rejection clear in his voice. 

Though when he released her, she jumped on him, wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him happily. “Was that?” she asked and he shook his head, not wanting to disconnect from her.


So what if things didn't seem like the normal type of relationship. So what if they didn't seem to be the typical boyfriend-girlfriend couple. Nothing about them was typical anyway. And that was okay.


The End

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