When Meytra and Sonit venture across a barren land and a broken world to save their hometown from destruction, little do they know that their immortality might just complicate the matter.


“It looks like it’s going to be worth the wait,” he whispered into my ear.

The crevice stretched out below us, an ache in the scenery, dust-coloured and slightly smoking, as if this place knew exactly what we had come to do and that place we had come from. Far away was such a dream now, created from our weary heads during any sleep we had managed to snatch during our journey.

Still, I knew rocks, and somehow they knew me, and the fissure was hissing dislike in all of its movements.

Suddenly the extremity really hit me.

“I don’t wanna do this,” I whispered back, turning away from him. If only I was able to run…but there was nowhere to go. It was that loss of a home, of course, that had forced us together at this place. Going away now would be as if I were committing a certain treason against everything I had always strived for.

“What if it all goes wrong?” I added.

Seagulls screeched the above us, always in their search for water. The landscape was as achingly barren as ever.

My companion’s eyes were alight.

“Oh, it won’t.”

The End

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