The wind whistled through the aged weather-stripping. She snapped the radio off and checked the rearview mirror. The truck had turned around, the high beams still on bobbing up and down as it shifted through the gears.


            “Oh no, what am I going to do?” The notion screamed through her mind, fright grew in her heart and echoed through her body.

“You go faster.  Now Calm down or I’ll wind up in the ditch,” whispered a composed voice in her head.

Her perspiring hands clutched the wheel with pasty knuckles, her eyes darted from the windshield to the rearview mirror.

“Yes it’s coming, don’t look back there darn it, watch the road in front of you!” She said this out loud with a wavering voice.


            The speedometer climbed past 150kmh, Ghp…Fgp… the bugs kept smacking the windshield at a quickened pace. Road noise grew louder, the wind climbed to a roar as it leaked through the windows.


            “Am I going to die because some jerk who’s probably getting a first-rate laugh right now believes this is funny?” she said aloud.


“If I die in a spectacular car wreck, this nut job will almost certainly keep going. No one will know why I ended up dead,” she thought. It occurs to her “what if I survive a car wreck?” she shakes this notion from her mind and looks out the mirror; the truck was more or less at her bumper with the headlights glaring bright through the back window. She looked away and the speedometer read 170kmh.


            I may die tonight but this freak won’t forget me. Hit the brakes, darn it!  Stomp on it, let him hit me! Get something the police can look at. With luck the idiot will run off,” she thought.

She looked at the mirror, a smirk touched her lips.


            She sped along the highway, the pickup just behind and rain started to fall. Light at first, a calm muggy haze that seemed to hang rather than fall; the windshield turned to a thick sickly sweet blur as the rain mixed with the greasy insect slime plastered to it. The highway, still searing from the days sun grew shiny as water collected like beads of sweat on the oily asphalt. The first bolt of lightning cracked the sky and the thunder reached her ears.

“It’s now or never,” She said.   

The End

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