Highway 311

            Smack…Snik…Tuk…Pop…August had been a wet month, especially for a Manitoba summer. The unmoving night air was swimming with humidity and insects. Snuk…Fftt…A clammy feeling of sweaty skin sticking to the hot vinyl car seat made the ride seem longer than it had to be. The AM radio ticked with static as Yellow Brick Road chimed through the vibrating dashboard speaker. Thmp…Snik…Clujkk… She had a tiring but fun day, and with all the rain this month it’s a miracle today wasn’t a wash out, instead there was beautiful and sunny skies. Now with the sun down the sky filled with sodden rain clouds. What can be said, good weather doesn’t come free in Manitoba.


            Gnnt…phtt…Pop…The headlights shone down the highway, a sign loomed in the darkness “PTH 311”. She slowed and pulled into the turning lane. The remains of wasps, mosquitoes, dragon flies and a giant something or other lay mixed together in one big smear coating her windshield in a golden-amber varnish of sorts. A lonely street light lit the intersection with a small cloud of night time bugs for company. As she sped up the sound of bugs smacking the windshield , Ffmp…Gnc…Pip…; resumed.


            ‘A fun game, could have hit that ball; gotta calm down on the plate’

‘You did fine, besides Jack didn’t care’

‘He was checking me out’

‘I think he likes me, he must’

‘you bet he likes me, his phone number’ She touched the pocket in her shorts; the paper with his number was still there.’ Got it right here’

‘Probably already waiting by the phone for my call’

She smiled satisfied with her days events and would have continued this conversation inside her head all the way home, the loud voice talking with the smaller and wiser voice as if they were separate people but a car approached with the brights glaring through her greasy windshield.


            Squinting she could scarcely see the road ahead.

Flash that jerk, Christ; do it now!’ whispered the little voice.

She didn’t.

’ Just give the guy another moment to dim them, probably just an old farmer.’ said the big voice.

The brights didn’t dim, and with out any thoughts at all she flashed him; holding her brights on waiting till the approaching car dimmed theirs.

‘That son of a b…! I’m dam’n near blind!’ screamed the little voice.

 A pickup honked It's horn just as it passed by. Her heart skipped a beat and fresh beads of sweat started forming on her forehead.

“Jerk!!!” she blurted out.

Bright red lights shone into her rearview mirror.

‘Is he turning around?’ said the big voice.

“Oh no.” she said.

Quickly she sped the car up, with out a discussion.

The End

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