Grenade - LeavingMature

I gulped, and nodded. T.K. always knew what I was thinking, this time being no acception. We had to get out of here, find out what was going on. I stood, pulling T.K. up with me.

"You guys? I'm...I'm leaving."

"We're leaving." I glanced at T.K., and we smiled nervously at each other. Looking around, I snatched a baseball bat off of one of the boys.

"HEY!" He screeched. He froze, his hand over his mouth. Suddenly, there was an almightly crash. The window had been broken. Everyone began to panic, trying to stay silent. T.K. gulped. I gave her my bag, and she quickly stuffed food into it, while I collected three more bats; two for us both. T.K. pulled the bag onto her back, just as one of Them fell through the window.

T.K. grabbed her sister, and while everyone else was screaming and panicking, I unlocked the doors, kicking the last one open. We hurried out silently, and I gave T.K. and Robyn a bat each. I put a finger to my lips, before leading the way. We walked through the Infected, making sure we didnt touch any of them. As we reached the gates, T.K. frowned. Carefully, she waved and arm in front of agirl's face. No reaction. Getting through the gates, and going into a small shop, we crouched together.

"They can't see us." She whispered to me softly. I nodded. There was some shuffling around coming from behind the counter. Scrambling up, T.K. got ready with her bat.

A little boy, no older than seven or eight, sat cowering there. We all climbed over. The boy was unharmed, but very shaken.

The End

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