T.K POVMature


I was sitting in the corner with grenade, it was a weird nickname but still so was she. We sat together, her almost falling asleep, I couldn't blame her, it'd been a long 3 hours. I wished I could of slept.

I felt sick. I’d seen something I’d never wanted to see. And did something I never wanted to do. I couldn't tell her why I knew her brother was dead. Because I’d killed him.

I stood and looked out the window, it felt like it should be dark, but it was still midday. They were everywhere. No matter where I looked, I saw one.

I knew we couldn't stay here, it wasn't safe, and we couldn't hold-out much longer. I’d already found a weapon, if you could call it that, it was a chair leg, I’d kicked it off when I got here.

I jumped, when a cold hand touched my arm, when I turned to the side I saw it was cherry. I looked at her and said something I knew she wanted to say.

“We need to leave.”

The End

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