Grenade - Another OneMature

I kept glancing out of the window, then back at those on the floor. All those with food had dumped it in a corner. Nobody was to eat anything yet. The girls sat in their friendship groups, apart from a few, with the boys, who all had weapons, and sat quite close to me, talking softly, thinking of ways they could go to the bathrooms, how they would sleep, eat, drink and live. People were being chomped down left right and centre outside.

That was when I saw her.

My senior by two years, and also my next door neighbour, friend and my helper when it came to Maths and Science, T.K. She was running, without a weapon, dodging the heaving bodies. I opened the door, and waved an arm at her. She dove towards me, I grabbed her arm, and pulled her in, locking the doors again.

"You shouldn't bring more in. How are we going to feed them all?" Growled one of the younger boys. This earned him a slap from me.

"I don't care how hard it it, you selfish bastard. If there are survivors out there, who have't been bitten, I'm god-damned gonna do my fucking best to save them. You got that?" I asked, in  deathly quiet voice. He nodded a little. Some of the other boys were scowling, the majority either looking concerned over T.K., who was heaving for breathe, or nodding slightly, to say they agreed with me.

I placed a hand on T.K.'s back. "Cherry...your brother...he's..." she began. I grabbed a food boz, emptied the contense onto the pile and swiftly put it under T.K., as she threw up. Tears sprung to my eyes.

"You sister's safe. She's over with her boyfriend." i sniffled. T.K.'s sister was a dear girl, a little younger than me, and was asleep, leaning on her boyfriend's shoulder, who looking like he was gonna hit someone with the large wooden pole in his hands if anyone went near her.

The End

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