T.K POVMature


It was still fairly early, I suppose, when I noticed them.

I’d been sitting in class. When the intercom’s metallic screech was heard through out the school. I’d been in science class wondering where the 5 idiots had flunked off to. It wasn't strange for them to skip class, but still...they hadn't been dragged back, and that was strange. I was then the intercom went on, and the screaming soon followed.

Everyone stood as the screaming came, no one dared move, that was until exactly 2 seconds had passed. There was screaming, and running, I watched them running through the small door, pushing to be through quickly.

I just sat, I didn't know why I just sat there. But I did.

I looked from the window, we were on the second floor so I could see the entrance, it was chaos. There was blood every where, piles of squirming bodies lay here and there, and all around were them, they were everywhere.

I felt the fear of those outside, and that was what made me move from the classroom.

The End

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