Cherry Noir - Cherry GrenadeMature

I yawned, gazing out of the window. Me and one of my friends were skipping the second lesson, Maths, once again. All is quiet. Our school was pretty good. We didn't have to wear a uniform, as long as we carried an ID around in our pockets or bags.

My name is Cherry Alice Noir, but all of my close friends call me Grenade. I'm 5 foot 3 tall. I have long black hair, that I always wear loose, with a sweeping side fringe, that falls over my left eye. My eyes are dark blue, and apparently, they scare people. My figure is alright. My hips aren't that wide, and my breasts aren't massive, but I'm decent. I have my ears pierced, once on the left, and thrice on the right. All of my earrings are silver studs.

I wore long black skinny jeans, with white stitching, and a plain, bright red t-shirt that hugged me nicely. My bag and shoes match, and were made especially for me. The bag is a big rucksack, with cherries. But not just any cherries. The stalks are green, and connect two red grenades together. These decorate the whole bag, showing patches of black here and there. The same goes for my shoes.

"Grenade, I'm bored." My friend called, before disappearing off to class. I rolled my eyes. Goody Two Shoes. Leaning on the window sill, I looked down. The gates to our school are tall and black, with spikes on top. No-one ever dares to break in. Apart from me. There's a man stood there. He's just...basking into the gate. Repeatedly. Over and over. Bang. Bang. Bang.

I stopped leaning, to watch carefully. A few others were flunking down below. One stuck his arm through, grabbing the man under the collar. He was making the others laugh, by taughting the man. Till the man leaned down rather swiftly, and sank his teeth deep into the boy's wrist. Blood spurted everywhere. They other boys started to scream, but didn't run. They were in their last year of school; they weren't afraid of some psycho. Until their friend stood back up. Empty eyed. His arms dragged by his sides, his feet on the floor, as he approuched his friends. Once by one, his began to tear at the with his teeth, and they in turn would begin to tear. Myself, terrified, ran. I ran around, shouting and screaming. Soon, when someone was murdered over the intercom while annoncing red alert, did everyone move.

The End

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