Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2




I hurried to the changing rooms after fourth period, already pulling out my cheer outfit as I ran. As soon as I was changed, and I’d checked my makeup in the mirror I joined the group of girls waiting beside the court. I looked over at the benches, and there were Robert and Daniel. As Robert caught my eye he waved, and Daniel grinned at me. I grinned back and rolled my eyes, you could always count on the jocks to pay full attention to cheer tryouts.

The tryouts began with group work. My audition went well and coach gave me a thumbs up as I finished. I grinned at her then turned to wave at the Daniel and Robert again. Daniel was whispering to Robert, but when he saw me looking he straightened and looked around him in innocence. Yeah right, he was anything but. I waited in line for my single turn, and chatted to Alesha in the stands. Then it was time for my cheer. I’d spent a while working on it in the summer, and I’d got an impressive mix of jumps, cartwheels and tricks in there, even if I do say so myself. So here we go...


Okay, I’ll give you one guess what happened. Do you give up? Okay here goes... I’m head cheerleader! Greatest sensation ever! Oh, and we have the best team ever! This is the best start to a year ever. And the more I work on routines after school the longer I get to stay away from home...


“Omg Jennette! You’re head cheerleader! I’m so proud of you! And we’re both in the squad so we are so spending more time together. This is so cool!” Oh did I mention Steph and Alesha both got on the squad too?

“I know, it’s so great!”


Then Alesha’s eyes went gooey as something over my shoulder caught her eyes.

“Oh my god! Ryan’s trying out for the football team! He looks so hot with his top off!”

“Alesha, try not to hyperventilate.”

“Shit!” said Steph.


“Guess who else is trying out?”

“Rob? I already know.”

“No, actually I’m talking about James.”

“What?!” I span round and there he was, his shirt off, flexing his muscles in front of a bunch of the new cheerleaders. They were all giggling. “Oh that is the last straw! He may have ignored me for the last few months but there is no way I’m having him flirting in front of me just to piss me off!”

“Jen calm down. He’s just trying to get to you. You’re playing right in to his hands.”

“Yeah I suppose. Strangely though, I just can’t seem to care.”

Alesha had to grab my arm before I did anything stupid. Fortunately, James hadn’t seen my reaction, so I calmed down and was ready to act completely normal by the time Daniel and Rob came over to congratulate us.

“Hey girls! Well done, especially you Jen. Cheer captain huh?”

“Yeah it’s cool, thanks Daniel.”

“Well done, Jennette. I think you’ll make a great leader.” Robert smiled that irresistible smile as he congratulated me. I blushed.

“Thanks Robert.”

“I told you they were, er, talented, didn’t I Rob.”

“It was quite an experience wasn’t it?” I punched his arm playfully.

“Quite” said Robert in that musical voice. He was still looking at me. I felt my cheeks heat up again. Alesha giggled. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. James.

“Jen, I’m so glad you are here to see me play. I knew you still cared.”

“Don’t flatter yourself James. I was here for the cheer tryouts first, and know I’ll watch the football tryouts to think of cheers and support my friends here.”

“Well whose this?” he looked at Robert with slightly narrowed eyes.

“This is Robert. He’s new here. Robert, this is James, my ex.”

“Oh, yeah, I heard about you.” Robert sounded pleasant, but his eyes were steely and narrowed. “I hope I don’t injure you in the tryouts, I have been known to be clumsy in certain situations.”

James’ eyes narrowed too, but he couldn’t outstare Robert and so he cleared his throat and said “You best watch yourself pretty boy, I can be clumsy too.” He turned and stalked away.

Alesha giggled. “Wow Rob, that was so heroic.”

“Yeah thanks,” I said and smiled at him. I could feel my cheeks flushing again, and so I ducked my head embarrassed. How could this boy make me feel so special by just being here?

“No problem,” he said softly. I looked up at him and realised he was looking down at me gently. Daniel coughed.

“Well Robert, if you can stand to be pulled away from Jen for a while we really should go join the tryout.”

“Daniel you must be so proud. You know exactly how to ruin nice moments.”

“What? Alesha, we need to tryout to get on the team. Hello, am I the only one who wants Rob to actually be part of the team?”

“No Alesha he’s right.” I tore myself away from Rob’s gaze to look at her. “Rob, Dan get going now and get on that team, or else I’ll kick your butts.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“Not funny Daniel.”

“But I’m always funny.”

“Just get moving.”

Daniel grinned, grabbed Rob and pulled him towards where the coach was giving a pep talk. Alesha turned to me and gave me one of her knowing looks.


“Jen, it’s so obvious you like him.”

“Yeah, so what if I do?”

“Well, it’s kind of obvious he likes you too.”

“Yeah, really? Not that I care.”

“Sure you don’t. He’s hot. Just stop being shy and show some interest, or he might think you don’t like him back.”

“You think so, really?”

“Have I ever been wrong?”

“You want me to answer that truthfully?”

Alesha grinned and shoved me. “Alright miss know it all. Let’s go watch the tryout.”

We sat down at the side while the tryouts started. Daniel was showing off, flexing his muscles as he showed off his skills. Steph giggled as he turned and winked at us. We both looked at her and she blushed. How long had that been going on? Daniel finished and ran off. Then it was James’s turn to tryout. He did well, but he tripped as he ran off, but he covered it up by doing a cartwheel. I knew it was childish but I laughed, and he looked at me with narrowed eyes. I smiled, and then turned to watch Robert. It was obvious he was one of the best there and when he’d finished Alesha, Steph and I cheered as loud as we could for him. He looked at us and smiled, then ran off to join the team.

After all the other boys had tried out, the coach got them all together and picked out the team. Daniel came running over to us.

“Girls, I’m the captain!”

“Congrats!” we all shouted. Steph flung her arms around his neck and he lifted her up. When he put her down they looked embarrassed, and then Daniel said

“So, you’ll be coming with me to celebrate tonight then Steph?”

Steph giggled, “Yes, if you want.”

Rob jogged over to them with a grin on his face. “I made the team!”

“That’s so cool!” I said and gave him a smile and a hug. Alesha giggled. I let go and gave her dead eyes. “Alesha, have you got something you wanted to say?”

“Hey you know I’m just messing.”

“Yeah, right, so are we all going go celebrate after school? Or are you two going on your own?” I asked Steph and Daniel.

“We should all go together. Make it a party.” Steph said. Daniel nodded.

“Ok, so are we going to that new club in town, what’s it called, Heat?”

“Yeah, oh my god Rob, it’s fantastic,” said Alesha, “You have to go. Can I bring Ryan?”

“Yeah ok, so shall we all meet up at my house?” I asked. “Daniel, are you bringing the guys? If you are we can invite the whole cheer squad.”

“Yeah ok, it’ll be a party.”

“Cool. Rob, remind me at the end of school and I’ll give you my address.”

“Ok.” He looked at me with those deep eyes of his and I flushed for what felt like the hundredth time today. “Do you want to go to the canteen now then?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Alesha tapped my shoulder as I tried to follow him, “Uh Jen, you might want to change first.”

“What? Oh right. I’ll be back in a minute.” I hurried off to the changing room, trying not to look at Rob’s face. What sort of weird control did he have over me? When I was with him… 


It took me a little longer than normal to get changed, because my hands were shaking slightly as I tried to pull on my skirt. I finally finished and ran out, straight in to Robert, who was standing just out side the door.

“Hey.” He put his arm around my shoulders as we walked together to the cafeteria. “So, we’ll be seeing each other a lot now then, since we have classes and practice together.”

“Yeah, it’ll be totally cool.”

“I’m glad you think so.” He laughed and I smiled as I felt the blush in my cheek again. We got to the cafeteria and saw the rest of the football players and the cheerleaders all piled round two tables that had been pulled together. When we’d grabbed our lunches we went to join them.

“Hey Jen,” Steph cried, “So what time are we getting to yours?”

“Well if the girls want to arrive at six, then the boys can arrive at half past. That’ll give us a bit more time to get ready.”

“Right. Girls, six o’clock at Jen’s for makeup!” All the girls nodded excitedly.

Robert looked at me. “Do girls do that all the time?”


“Makeup at each others houses before going out.”

“Not all the time.”


I laughed. “Are you always like this?”

“Not always.”


He laughed. “So are you going to give me your address or do I have to follow you home to find out where you live?”

“Oh, yeah, here you go.” I wrote it down and passed it to him.

“So is the x part of the address or a little something else?”

“You’ll have to find out.” I smiled as I stood up. “I’ll see you later.”

“The bell hasn’t even rung yet,” he complained. A ringing filled the cafeteria. “Wow. Are you like psychic or something?”

“Well that’s another thing you have to work out.” I walked out, Steph and Alicia following me. When the end of school came I was in my car already when Robert came out. He waved to me and I smiled. He was too perfect, there had to be something wrong. I was too deep in thought about this to notice him come over.

“Hey.” His voice startled me. I hadn’t realised how close he was. He jumped in to the car next to me.

“I’ll see you tonight, my little psychic.” His little psychic. I grinned, the name had potential.

“See you.” He pulled out and drove off, still smiling in that angelic way of his. I pulled out and drove home. My parents weren’t home yet so I let myself in, grabbed a drink from the fridge and ran upstairs. I had to choose a really nice outfit for tonight. I rifled through my wardrobe. Now where was that gorgeous new outfit I’d bought in the holidays?

The End

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