Highschool heartachesMature

Chapter 1



“Jennette, hurry up! I don’t want my mates to see me getting out of my sister’s car,” Simon shouted up the stairs. I grabbed my bag, checked my hair in the mirror and then walked slowly across the landing and down the stairs just to annoy him.

“Calm down, we’ll be there in perfect time. God, anyone would think you were a geek.”

“Why are you always so slow in the mornings?”

“Hello, makeup, hair, wardrobe.”

“Hello you don’t need to put makeup on. Everyone will still notice the Halloween monster mask your wearing. Oh no wait, that’s your real face.”

“Yeah and your going to have to conjure up a real lift in a minute. I don’t have to take you just because your tyres are flat.”

“Yeah you do. Dad would kill you if you didn’t.” I stopped at the door.

 “You wouldn’t.”

“Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t.”  

“I hate you sometimes you know.”

“Yeah well you’re going to hate me even more if you don’t get your arse out to that car.”

“Fine.” I gave him the best dead eyes stare I could and stalked out to the car. He followed chuckling.

I got in to my car, a 911 turbo, and waited for Simon to get in the other side. When he slid in to the seat and closed the door I switched on the stereo and pulled out of the gates. The sun was blazing down today and I was glad I’d remembered my sunglasses. The very small wind seemed magnified as we shot along the road towards school. Ten minutes later I pulled off the main road and in to the school car park. Simon quickly checked the car park for his mates and, when finding them no where in sight relaxed and waited until I had parked the car under a tree for some shade to jump out with his bag, not even bothering to open the door first. He ran off to the front of the school to stand by the bench that his gang had taken over. I checked my makeup in the mirror and then climbed out myself, deciding that because of my new denim mini-skirt I would use the door instead of climbing over. I went over to the vending machine to get myself a drink and stood sipping it, waiting for my friends to arrive. Alesha arrived first; she got out of her new BMW and ran over to me as fast as she could in her new heels.

“Oh my god! Jennette I missed you so much over the holidays!” She gave me a hug and then got her self a drink while she looked at me appraisingly. “Jen, you’ve got a great tan, and I swear your boobs have grown again.”

“Yeah they did. 32E, before you ask. So what did you do in the holidays?”

“I went to Spain. Oh my god the guys were so fit. Oh and then I came back and guess what? Ryan asked me out!”

“Really? You said yes didn’t you?”

“Well yeah, of course. I mean he is a complete hottie. Oh speaking of hotties, how are you and James?”

“I really don’t want to talk about him Alesha. He hasn’t been out with me once during the hols, and I think he’s been cheating on me.”

“Yeah I heard about that.”


“Well look darling; if you break up with him today then he can’t embarrass you anymore.”

“Already decided to. I really can’t be bothered with him anymore. I mean, he’s not actually that hot once you get to know him.”

“Yeah, totally.”

Then Stephenie pulled up in her BMW and jumped out, waving to us. She joined us and hugged us both.

“Wow girls you look amazing.”

“Thanks, so do you.”

“Jen look at your…”

“Yeah ok Steph, we’ve already gone over them.”

“Oh sorry.” Then Alesha elbowed me in the ribs and pointed across the car park.

“Jen, look, its James.”

“Thanks Alesha.”

James strolled over, his hair spiked perfectly and his muscles bulging under his designer jumper. “Hey babe” he whispered in to my hair as he tried to give me a kiss. I pushed him away.

“James, how the hell you have the nerve to come over here like that when you haven’t bothered to see me all summer I don’t know.”

“Calm down babe, I’ve been on holiday in Greece.”

“Oh and that’s an excuse to not call me is it?”

“Wow chill darlin’. What’s up with you today?”

“Look James, I just thought you ought to know why I’m breaking up with you before I did.”

“What?! You’re breaking up with me? No one dumps James Martin.”

“I just did.” I turned and walked off with Steph and Alesha leaving James shouting behind us. Alesha was the first to speak.

“God Jen, don’t you think that was a little harsh?”

“Well yes, a little bit. But then again, if I hadn’t done it that way he would have been following me round moaning and begging all the time. He’s needy.”

“Oh ok. Well at least you did it instead of him. That will teach him to ignore you for the entire of the summer.”

“Yeah, it will be fine” Steph agreed, “And I’m sure you’ll find someone else soon.”

“I’m not sure if I can deal with another needy man. I need a man who I can trust.”

We all stopped in the middle of the corridor, looking at each other. Then we burst out laughing.

“I’ll see you later girls, I have to go and sign up for cheerleading again.”

“Good luck. You are so going to be head cheerleader again.”

“Thanks babe.”

I went to the gym doors and took a deep breath in. Then I walked in. I signed up at the desk and then went to my class with my fingers crossed. That had been the easy part. Now I just had to get past the try out.


My first class was chemistry. I walked in slightly late because of signing up and received a “Thank you for joining us Miss Stevenson,” from Mr Peek. I gave my apologies and took my seat next to Alesha, who began whispering about try outs immediately. She and Steph were trying out as well but they weren’t trying out for head cheerleader so they didn’t need to sign up.

“Oh my god, I forgot. Jen, did you know the boys are trying out for the basketball team after we do our tryouts? That means we get to see them tryout.”

“Alesha, do you ever stop thinking about boys?”

“Of course I do. I think about clothes as well.” We both laughed and Mr Peek turned from the board to glare at us.

“I can see I’m going to have to split you two up.”

Alesha straightened her face and told him we would behave and that we were sorry. He turned back to the board after warning us that he would split us up if we interrupted one more time. The trouble was that when he turned round we noticed that he had chewing gum on his trousers, so we started laughing again. He spun round and said

“Right, Miss Stevenson you go and sit at that empty table. I don’t want either of you talking to each other again this lesson.”

I picked up my bag and, still giggling, went to the empty table. I sat down with a straight face, and put my book on the table. I then turned to look at Mr Peek who was waiting with another glare on his face. He turned back to the board and began to write again. The there was a knock on the door. He shouted

“Come in!”

The secretary walked in and smiled at Mr Peek. From the way she looked at him you could tell she liked him. I mean really liked him. I wonder why? I’ve always thought he was pretty horrible.

“Mr Peek, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have two students to join your class.” While she spoke a nerdy looking kid with glasses peeked round the door. “This is Henry. He’s from England. I want everyone to make him welcome.” Henry shuffled in to the classroom, his face red. I felt sorry for him; it’s not easy on your first day of school. Mr Peek gave him a book and sent him to sit next to Alesha. She didn’t look happy. The secretary looked behind her and beckoned out of the door as she began speaking again. “And this is Robert. He’s just moved here from Washington, so at least he’s still in the same country.” Robert came casually round the door, and instantly every girl in the room was alert. You could have heard a pin drop in those few seconds before Mr Peek pointed to the empty seat next to me. Robert was a god among humans. His light brown hair flicked round his face in a styled mess, framing is perfect features. His short-sleeved t-shirt emphasised his muscled chest and arms as he walked down the middle of the classroom towards the chair he had been assigned. You could just imagine girls in that room sighing inwardly as they watched this godlike figure pass them. I pulled my eyes away from him to look at Alesha. Her eyes were still transfixed on Robert’s physique, but when he sat down next to me she caught my eye. Her eyes were so jealous, and I shrugged apologetically as Mr Peek began talking about plastic carrier bags. Then Robert spoke to me. His voice was soft, and yet it seemed to have a strong edge in it. The sound made goose bumps rise on my neck.

“Hi, I’m Robert.” I turned to face him. He was smiling at me. Perfect teeth glinted, dazzling me.

“Hey. I’m Jennette.” I just hoped my voice wasn’t wobbling.

“Hey. Um, have you got a pen I could borrow?”

“Yeah sure.” I rummaged in my pencil case and passed one to him.

“Thanks.” He pointed at Mr Peek. “Is he always this boring?”

“No, he’s having a good day. Usually it’s worse.”
He laughed quietly, a musical sound. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought I had landed in the middle of my own version of Twilight. The Twilight Saga is my favourite. I know what you’re thinking, popular girl likes reading? Well I do. It’s something to do when my dad’s on the rampage. You see, my dad hates me, because he thinks that I am the result of an affair that he thinks my mother had. I don’t know whether or not it’s true, but he still hates me. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about that later. Robert is speaking again.

“So, I was just wondering where I could sign up for the football team. I hear the try outs are today.”

“Oh yeah. You can sign up in the gym. I’ll take you there if you want.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

“No problem.”

“Do you live nearby then?”

“Yeah I suppose, my house is only about nine miles away.”

“Mine too. So are all the girls at this school as pretty as you?” I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

“I think it’s a bit early for the new guy to be flirting with one of the first girls he sees.”

“Not when the girl is as pretty as you.” He had moved his stool closer now.


“You’re not going out with anyone are you? Because that would kind of make it more difficult to flirt with you.”

“No, I dumped my boyfriend this morning.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. He didn’t meet me or call me in the hols, and he was getting needy.”

“Right. So how about you sit with me for lunch? Would that be ok?”

“No the try outs are at lunch. But I’m going to be there anyway for cheer try outs.”

“You’re a cheerleader? I should have known.”

“Is that a complement or an insult?”

“Complement. You look like you would suit a cheer outfit.”

“Thanks. Again.”

That was when the bell rang. We packed up our stuff and went outside.

“So, what’s your next lesson?” Robert asked.


“Mine too.”

“Come on then, I’ll show you were it is.”

We discovered we had classes together for most of today, but not the two before tryouts. Robert talked to me through English, telling me a bit about where he used to live and his little brother. I found myself actually enjoying his conversation, unlike whenever I’d talked to James. When the bell for break rang I led the way to the gym were Robert signed up for football. Then I took him to the corner of school that my friends and I hung out in. The news had obviously already spread that a hot new guy had arrived, and the girls were all waiting to see him. When we turned the corner everything went quiet, and then all the girls started whispering.

“I think you’ve made an impression already” I said under my breath to Robert. I stopped

in front of Daniel, the captain of the football team, and one of the most popular boys in school. “Hey Daniel.”

“Hey. So I heard about you and James, and I was wondering, if you need someone you know I’m always here for you.”

“Thanks.” I grinned and he looked pleased with himself. God sometimes it’s like I’m a prize or something. “Now I wanted you to meet Robert. He’s new and he’s just signed up for the football team.”

“Oh right on man.”

“Yeah, and I was wondering whether you could show him where to go to change and all that. You have fourth period with him and I don’t. Plus I’ve got to get down there for cheer tryouts.”

“Oh yeah, you guys are doing you’re tryouts before us aren’t you? That’ll give you something to look forward to on your first day Rob, the cheer tryouts are always…” I coughed and looked at him with narrowed and what I hoped was a serious expression, “very talented. Yeah the girls are all talented. Come on Jennette, don’t look at me like that, I was honestly going to say you are all talented.”
”Yeah right Daniel, whatever.” I turned away from him and saw Alesha standing behind me. “Alesha come here. I want you do meet Robert.” She sidled over.

“Rob, this is Alesha, she’s in our chemistry class.”

“Nice to meet you” he said and smiled at her. She looked dumbstruck as she greeted him back.

“Okay, well you can stay with the guys now while I go and check out what’s going on with the cheer tryouts.”

“Okay, I’ll see you.”

The End

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