High tide

This is a story I wrote for a school essay. It was meant to be spooky, but it isn't really. Its About a little girl who's mother tells her never to go anywhere if she gets lost, just to stay where she is. And the girl does so when her mum goes missing on the beach and gets washed away by the sea, except its got a twist....

It was forecast to be the most balmy day of summer, but as usual it rained. Never had the dreary and constant cycle of wet weather that the north east had to offer,  ever caused such a distruption amidst the streets of scarbrough; a quiet seaside town on the yorkshire. Curtains didn't budge, their thick rims locking what seemed like every living thing away from unpredictable climate lurking outside, and causing an insolent drowse of silence to disperse.

So as the day drew to a rather slow but steady close, and the last few beams of subdued sunlight, made their through a section of over cast cloud, a little girl could be seen running down the street, She was dressed modestly in a little blue dress and woolen cardi, but wore no shoes. Her bare feet ran in syncronise as if skimming over the lubricous surface of a thin sheet of ice, but although serine and completely relaxed, she appeared freezing, confused and entirely out of breath.

(I've been writing it from memory as i've just handed in the essay and I can't remember anymore, so will get back to you to complete it)

The End

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