Chapter 3Mature

"This is my place," Brendon said, finally breaking the silence we had been walking in. "I'll see ya tomorrow Ry," he said, opening his gate. He was beginning to walk down his path when something entered my mind.

"Brendon wait," I said and he turned round and walked towards me.

"Yep?" he said slipping his hands into his pockets and smiling at me.

"Weird, weird, weird, question," I said, suddenly wishing I had never called him back. I blushed bright red and he gestured for me to continue, "How many people have you slept with?"

"Uh... eight," he said grinning, "Hey," he said leaning in so he was only inches away from my face, "I heard number nine's name was Ryan Ross," he whispered. He planted a small kiss on my cheek and went inside his house before I had time to reply. I was too stunned to speak. But I was not only stunned, I was doubtful. The sob story he had told me earlier seem legit at the time but after that, I was having serious reservations as to whether it was true or whether he just told me it to get in my pants. I smiled a little as this first thought came into my head. As awful and as horrible a thing that is to do, I couldn't help but be glad he chose me. I smiled all the way home, not really concentrating on what I was doing or where I was going, just thinking about Brendon.

"Where the fuck have you been?" shouted my dad as I got in the door. What a pleasant thing to come home to!

"I walked home!" I said, dumping my bag by the door and running upstairs to my bedroom before he could ask me any more questions. I threw my self down on my bed and rested my hands behind my head. After a while, I sat up. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get Brendon off my mind. Everything about him: his smile, his eyes, the way he spoke, the way he walked, the way in which he could capture your attention and your heart with just one glance, played on my mind. I hadn't realised how long I had just been sitting staring at my shoes until my mom called me down for dinner. I ambled down the stairs, still in my daydream state and sat down at the table.

"You seem happy love, good day?" my mom asked, handing me my plate of chicken, carrots and potatoes (boring much!? But, my mom was never renowned of her exciting meals!)

"Brilliant day!" I said grinning. I began tucking into my food; I was very hungry as I hadn't eaten any lunch.

"Oh so you made some friends I'm guessing!?" my mom said, daintily eating her dinner and frowning slightly as I shovelled fork loads of food into my mouth almost non-stop. "Care to tell?"

"Well, there's Pete Wentz, he was the first to talk to me, and there's Gerard Way and his little brother Mikey, there's Ashlee, who is Pete's girlfriend and Lyn-z who is Gerard's girl friend." I said pausing to take a sip of my drink "Then there's Brendon Urie and Patrick Stump," I could feel myself blushing when I said Brendon's name but I continued anyway "Patrick is Brendon's boyfriend and Mikey is single!"

"Brendon is a guy right?" my dad questioned.

"Yes, Brendon is a guy and Patrick is a guy and they are in a relationship, is that a problem?" I said raising my eyebrows. My dad shrugged and nodded slightly. "Ah well they're my friends I don't give a shit what you think about them!" my mom shook her head and I laughed a little.

"So, you got any homework?" my mom asked.

"No," I lied. I quickly ate the rest of my dinner and gulped down my drink. "Thanks mom that was great, mind if I go out for a bit thanks!" I said, getting up and running to the door. "I have my cell and I'll be back by ten!" I opened the door and ran out as fast as I could. Running down the street as fast as my legs would carry me, I turned several corners until I was standing outside Brendon's house. I suddenly stopped. What had seemed like a brilliant idea now seemed like a terrible one. I was just about to turn around and go back home, Brendon's door and opened and he, Gerard, Mikey and Lyn-z stepped out.

"Ah! Look who it is!" Brendon said smiling widely and walking towards me. "What brings you here this fine evening?"

"I was uh..." I started and Mikey raised an eyebrow at me. "I was uh..."

"You may want to say some more words," Brendon said laughing.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out this evening," I said blushing when Gerard mouthed "You love him you want to fuck him," making a... shall we say... thrusting gesture at "fuck him."

"Aww! Can little Ryro hang out with us?" Brendon asked turning towards the others. They nodded and Brendon gave me a thumbs up. "We're going park, you wanna come?"

"Yeah!" I said sounding more enthusiastic then I had intended "And little?" I questioned, "I'll have you know I'm older then you!" Brendon shrugged and we began to walk down the road. Mikey was lagging behind and gesturing me to come and talk to him. I slowed down a little so I was walking next to him.

"You seem pleased to see Brendon!" he said quietly.

"I... well he's nice y'know?" I said blushing a little.

"Okay, he's not nice and that's not what I mean!" he said laughing a little. I gave him a confused look and then I realised why he was laughing. I was pleased! I looked down and then up at the sky. Damn boner. Mikey burst out laughing and I hit him on the arm.

"Fuck of!" I said and the others turned around.

"What's so funny?" Lyn-z asked.

"Nothing!" I said before Mikey could open his mouth, "Nothing is funny Mikey's just being an immature little twat!" Gerard let go of Lyn-z's hand and hit me lightly round the head.

"Don't talk about my little brother like that you fag!" he said laughing. I grabbed a hold of his hand and twisted his arm behind his back.

"Don't fucking call me a fag!" I said as he tried to wrestle his way away from me.

"Get the fuck off!" he shouted. Suddenly he twisted his body and I was in a headlock. "Haha! Who's the master now biatch!" he said laughing. I could hear Lyn-z and Mikey laughing to but to my surprise, Brendon was telling Gerard to get of me.

"Fuck of Gee leave him alone!" Brendon said trying to get Gerard off me.

"Never!" Gerard said in a silly voice as I continued to struggle and Brendon continued to try to pull Gerard off me. Suddenly, Gerard let go and Brendon and me were flung backwards. Landed on his back on the concrete and I landed on my stomach directly on top of him.

"And they call me forward!" Brendon said, breathing heavily.

"Uh... uh..." I stammered.

"You gunna get of me or not?" Brendon asked. "All though by the feels of things, you'd rather not!" he said and smirked. I blushed and immediately stood up. "Aww don't worry Ryan! Just maybe, next time your horny don't wear skinny jeans!" he said winking and standing up. The others began laughing and I shook my head, trying to rise above their immaturity.

"I'm not horny!" I insisted.

"Then what's with the boner?" Lyn-z asked tilting her head to one side.

"Who says I have a boner!? I may just be like that naturally!" I said and Gerard shook his head.

"Dude, don't try and deny it, you are horny my friend! Horny as the day is long!" he said and I stuck my middle finger up at him. Okay so maybe I was, but it wasn't my fault Brendon's incredibly sexy and hot and gorgeous and generally the best looking person I've ever seen!

"Shit!" I said looking at my watch. "It's ten thirty, guys I gotta go I said I'd be back half an hour ago!"

"Aww!" Brendon said, looking genuinely upset, "Do you have to go?"

"Yeah sorry," I said shrugging.

"What's your number?" Brendon asked pulling out his cell phone.

"Uh, 0184727366,"

"Great!" he said quickly entering the number into his cell, I saw Lyn-z, Mikey and Gerard do the same. "I'll text ya," he said.

"Me too," Lyn-z said smiling.

"And me," Mikey said and Gerard nodded.

"I shall text you at three in the morning!" he said and I had a feeling he wasn't joking. I waved goodbye to the three and ran back home as fast as I could.

"Sorry I'm late mom!" I said when I got in the door, "You see I had Gerard's arm twisted behind his back and then he got me in a head lock and then Brendon epically failed at getting him of me and..." I was going to finish explaining why I was late when I noticed that no one was in the lounge. "Mom? Dad?" I called. I jogged up the stairs and looked in their bedroom to find my dad lying on our bed with a half empty bottle of whisky in hand. "Where's mom?" I asked.

"That bitch fucking left!" he slurred.

"What!?" I said refusing to believe what I was hearing.

"That stupid cow was cheating! And you know how I found out! She was talking to him on the phone!" I ran over to him and sat on the edge of the bed. "YEAH! IT'S TRUE!" he said suddenly shouting when he saw I was shaking my head. "SHE WAS ALL LIKE "Oo! I loooove you! Don't worry! I'll leave them soon but Ryan's my son! I can't just walk out on him!" TURNS OUT SHE CAN!"

"Dad... what!?" by this time I was crying hard and my dad was taking huge gulps from the bottle.


"But dad I... she's my mom! I... what the fuck is going on!?" I was struggling to comprehend just what he was saying. A few minutes ago I was having fun with my new friends, now I was being told my mom had left by a completely hammered father!


"NO SHE'S NOT!" I shouted. Suddenly, my dad his me hard around the face. I stood stunned for a few seconds before running to my room, curling up in the corner and crying myself to sleep.


The End

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