Chapter 2Mature

For the rest of the day, Brendon practically ignored me, talking all the time to Patrick as if he felt guilty for kissing me. I spent most of time talking to Mikey, the only other single person in the group. At the start of the last lesson, I was leaning on my desk watching Brendon and Patrick make out on the other side of the room. Brendon really was a very good kisser, not only that but his eyes were beautiful, you could get totally lost in them. I would have sat staring for longer if Mikey hadn't come in and woken me from my trance-like state

"Before you fall for Brendon, don't!" he said sitting down and I gave him a quizzical look.

"What?" I said and he shook his head.

"He's a lying, cheating, heart breaking man slut who isn't worth anyone's time or effort." he said bluntly.

"I'm guessing you don't like Brendon then!" I said laughing a little. I glanced over at Brendon and wondered how anyone could not like him! His face, his eyes, is lips, his ass... everything about his was just so... perfect!

"To say I don't like him is possibly the biggest understatement ever!" he said, he continued, his voice getting angrier and angrier, "I wish I'd never met him! I fucking hate his guts!"

"Why? Did he cheat on you? ‘Cause Gerard told me he has a tendency to cheat on people... a lot!"

"Yeah he did but that's not why I hate him..." he said, his voice softening.

"Why do you hate him then?" he didn't answer but looked at me, then Patrick, then me again. "Oh! You like Patrick..."

"Love." he interrupted, "I love Patrick! He was my boyfriend... before Brendon took him..." he trailed of and I looked at him apologetically. "He was with Pete before that, not for long though."

"Wow, Pete get boring quickly did he?"


"Gerard says Brendon gets bored easily with people and then cheats on them and leaves them,"

"Brendon doesn't get bored easily, he falls in love easily... he falls in love easily and when he does, he gets scared and kisses someone else, once he's done that, he stays with the person he's in love with for a week or so and then moves on..."

"Oh... poor Patrick..." I said, for the first time, I felt guilty about Brendon kissing me.

"Why?" Mikey asked and glanced up at the two.

"Brendon kissed me... we were on our way to the classroom you lot were in and he said that he was surprised I'd never done it with anyone, I asked why then he kissed me and the he said "Cause you're gorgeous,"" I said sighing. Mikey shook his head shrugged.

"Oh well, it's not like Patrick didn't know this would happen! Everyone knows that if you get with Brendon you only have a short amount of time with him,"

"That's..." I stated but I never got to finish my sentence because our teacher Mr James, came in and shouted us to "QUIET DOWN OR ELSE!" I'm surprised he didn't notice that Brendon and Patrick had been kissing!


"Ryan!" Brendon called as I was walking home but I ignored him. "Ryan!" he said. I turned around this time and saw him running towards me. He caught up with me and smiled at me. "Hey Ryan!"

"What do you want?" I said bitterly. I was in no mood to talk to him, not after what Mikey had told me.

"I want to walk with you!" he said, for the first time since I had met him, he was talking like a normal person and not a sex crazed, conceited sixteen-year-old. "Is that so wrong!?"

"No, what is wrong, is falling in love with people and then kissing some one else!" I said and his face fell.

"I don't mean to..." he said. Sure! You don't mean to cheat on people! "You don't believe me do you!?" he said when I'd been silent for a while. I shook my head and he sighed. "Look Ryan, it's a hell of a lot more complicated then "love 'em and leave 'em," trust me!"

"How exactly!?"

"The last time I fell in love, I stayed with him for two years! Then I found out, he'd been screwing some girl for a year and a half and got her pregnant!" he said and a tear appeared in his eye. "I wanted to spend my life with him... but he left me for her... that's why I do it Ryan, I'm terrified of being in love..." hearing his story almost brought me to tears and I took his hand.

"One day, you'll find some one who will love you for the rest of your life," I said softly and he smiled at me.

"Should I stay with Patrick?" he asked quietly.

"Do you love him?"


"Can you see yourself spending your life with him?"


"Then let him go, ‘cause I know someone who really does love him," Brendon's smile suddenly turned to a look of confusion.

"Who?" he asked. I pointed across the road to Mikey, who was walking with Gerard and Lyn-z. "Mikey!?"

"Yes! The one you stole Patrick from remember!?" he nodded sadly and let go of my hand.

"I didn't mean to..." he said quietly.

"I know," I said, "I know. You cant help who you fall in love with..."

The End

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