High School Never Ends

This is a story about 10 high school students (5 girls, 5 guys) at an elite co-ed private school up in the mountains of New Hampshire. This story tells all the drama of high school. It shows the challanges, the struggle, and all the good times as well.

This is just the information page.


Girls- Ally, Carson, Jessica, Eliza, and Brooke

Guys- Trent, Antonio, David, Marco, and Oden

There can and will be other characters, but these are the main characters. I would like it if participants would comment to the story with who they want to be. First come, first serve. If you don't see anyone you want to be, just ask to create a character. Be creative with the names and personalities.

*Note- not all the 10 main character are friends. Some are from each clique.

**Each participant will pick 1 character and 1 character only. They will write as that character, either as a diary entry or just thoughts or just a regular story format.

***I'm going to be Eliza.

****In the first chapter featuring your character, please try to describe them as much as possible. The first chapter should be a diary entry or thoughts about the high school. The story will start off with each character on their way to the school

***** The name of the school is Cauldwell Academy, home of the Night Hawks. Their colours are Green/White.

The End

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