High School MurderersMature

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, hush a hush a...

Who made her fall down?

Marc might've tripped Eliza.

Andy might've pushed her.

Chelsea might have slammed Eliza onto the ground.

Ondreea might've been the one.

But all they know is that Eliza's dead. And now, they are all suspects in a murder case. Because the person who killed her had meant to do it...



Bam! It was like a touchdown. Well, it was more like a yard sale, because everything she had on her tray spilled everywhere, splattering everyone. Ondreea looked in shock and anger at her new 'totally awesome and expensive Armani jacket' that was now splattered with chili. I swear, if Eliza wasn't all ready out cold, Ondreea would've strangled her. Chelsea, her number one wing girl, was hiding behind her. I looked at my Varsity football jacket to make sure nothing had touched it, because I think I woulda join Ondreea if that had happened. The geek from socials was the first on his cellphone calling 9-1-1. The lunch ladies were probably outside, smoking a ciggy. "Um, hello? I'm going to report an... um, accident? It's Herman Kertrude secondary school... Yes, the one just west of White Rock mall... Okay. Yes. Thank you." Geek guy ended the call. "Don't worry guys! They'll be here in a couple minutes!" A couple seniors flipped him the bird and everyone else ignored him. If were him, I wouldn't make a public appearance.

The ambulance arrived just in time. They said she was about to die.

The End

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