Sylvia: How Can I Eat?Mature

The doors to the caf creaked open, and I was kind of hoping that Brad was going to be the one walking through them...I wanted to get this break-up over with as quickly as I could.  I thought that we were better off as friends beforehand, but I would have been lying to say that he wasn't cute.  I mean, almost every girl in school salivated at the sight of him with his back against a locker and running his fingers through his chocolatey hair...mmm...but that was besides the point.  

"Oh, look who it is," Khloe sighed.  I was hoping to catch a fleck of disgust in her gaze, but instead I saw her swooning.  Of course.  Strolling through the caf like he owned the place marched Hunter McHall, a busty little brunette with her arm around him and, of course, a hand in the front pocket of his jeans.  He looked my way and flashed a smile, something that would make anyone else giggle and wave back flirtily, but I hated the kid.  Disgusting; robbing little girls of something that was supposed to be a gift.  

"Don't you think?" 

Huh, wha?  I looked over at Miranda, recognizing her hand on my shoulder as she shook me.  "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," I said, tearing my gaze away from the gorgeous bastard's face.  

"Allow me to repeat," Miranda said grandly with a wide smile.  "I said, I'd do whatever Captain Yummy over there would ask of me, well, as long as he asks me like a gentleman, and of course has protection."  Huh.  I'd missed all that?  Then again, Miranda was known to be a fast-talker.  

Well, in any case, I was still about to vomit all over our table.  I glared at the apple on my tray, the only thing I had taken, but even that was starting to make more bile rise up my throat.  Suddenly, I was really, really not hungry...

The End

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