Hunter: How I Know I'm Not GayMature

Just another day. Just another school. Just another boy. Just another girl. Just another course of emotions, feelings and all that makes him throw up, but also all that makes her curl up and swoon. Why did he care so much? He was Hunter, the jungle cat...she was his was she different? She was nowhere nearly as hot as his exes, but...he was willing to have a leash around his scruffy neck as long as it was led by her...the jungle cat somehow became the puppy of pep.

There she was...damn...I watched her from down the hall, surrounded by the rest of my boisterous buddies, half of them lugging around some other smoking hot cheerleader.  I've had my fair share of peppy chicks and slit-skirted split-legged squad members, but never once had I even so much as thought myself to be worth enough to go out with Sylvia Silvaine, captain...sorry...the term is "head cheerleader".  I was almost drooling over her, when something on my upper thigh caught my attention...more than just my attention, a soldier, I was saluting the hand that grazed my crotch...standing at attention...yeah, I have crappy focus.  

"Hi," a little voice whispered, and the patting continued.  "I'm Tammy."

Tammy.  I looked around for the voice that had spoken, and found my eyes drifting into a pair of wonderful breasts.  Sure, they were a bit covered by the tank top that hugged her upper body, but the push-up bra gave me quite the view.  

"Nice name," I slurred, trying to keep myself from panting.  I found myself drifting away from the guys and their gals, my body veering into the pale blue lockers, but it was lunch time.  I could catch up with them in the caf later.  Besides, this chick meant business, and as a big, grown man, I had to take care of business.  I looked down at her and winked, smiling.  Chris nodded to me with a smirk, watching the bob of Tammy's silky blond hair flip around as she continued to rub my area.

"So, I was thinking," she began, looking up at me with beautiful blue eyes. "There's a party tonight at my place..." She slipped her hand along my waistband of my jeans and then ran it around the inside, giving me an extra squirm.  "Would you maybe wanna come?"  

She knew she had me, her hand slipping into my boxers.  I let my head slip back in bliss as my back rested against a locker, and she was so good at what she was doing...did I want to come?  Damn, I was close to coming right then and her 'place', did she mean...I looked down at her toothy beam, she looked so innocent...she nodded with a wink.  "Sure," I squeaked.  

"Excellent," she said with a little squeeze on my bare boy.  Damn... "Meet me in the library in fifteen?"  

I nodded excitedly, and she looked simply overjoyed.  

"I'll give you all the deets there," she whispered, another squeeze giving me know a whole new idea of what exact details she was talking about. 

"Can't wait," I sighed as she slid off of me, giving me a flirty wave as she scampered and sachayed down the hall.  Fifteen minutes...I had so much to tell the guys. 

The End

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